INSANE 4TH QUARTER ENDING! – NFL TOUR Gameplay l #ThrowbackThursday

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Connor Nicholls says:

This game is awesome

Braxton Brown says:

like really like this one

Christian Phillips says:

I want redbone

Tylin Brown says:

smear the queer

Ultimate Gaming says:

Y’all should make tshirts

Carlos Carranza says:

Cause kd is awesome

Wax Dabber says:

Smear the queer

Dominic Duncan says:

I am nice in NFL tour

Mark-Richard Yoder says:

haha I got a good laugh at this, great video and game!

Mr poetic says:

that one smash and dash yea that’s hard to keep it clean u covered tat Mav That’s up great content more gameplay with juice please God bless u n ur family Mav g1gb

Detroit T says:

I remember having this game . The chargers were the best on it

Go Raiders 4 life says:

I haaaaatttteee the steelers

Kevin Davis says:

Juice is a weeny for running the ball? He beat your sorry ass mav shut up.

Carson 1414 says:

Yes I want to see it happen,so can you please do it

Kenneth Popleon says:

12:38 a was open

captain flash says:

I ment smash and dash

Elton Williams Jr. says:

I had it on ps3 it’s fi

captain flash says:

Red zone Rush

Alberta Skidmore says:

d I NFL street walk through

Micah Borge says:

I’m a cowboys fan….BUT I still rock with you. Best channel on youtube hands down

Bman411 The beast says:

Who is watching in December 9543

Christian Miller says:

Ea need to bring this back coz madden trash lmaooo i rather play this or blitz

Chavez Johnson says:

I like red zone rush

Juan Ceana says:

Do smear the quear as a challenge

Albert Glover says:

I miss this game I gotta buy it again

James Phelps says:


Carlos Carranza says:

Go steelers

Evan says:


ttayw20 says:

smear the quear

Jovan Siner says:

that moment when u get so hype u jump in down like a retart

Scott Weaver says:

It’s not maverick its the cowboys

Super jazz 54 says:

Your ankles mav you forgot your ankles nice won juice!

Childish HitMan says:

Swear my brother did the same thing to me to break my win streak, same team, same person and everything

Vincent Gilmore says:

IMAV3RIQ we definitely need to play madden online in the future. only if you willing to put a $100 bet. I’m from Dallas too. so you kbow who my team is.

jordan edmonds says:

matrix lol XD

nykki chase says:

Yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes

gaming industries says:

Kd fan

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