INJUSTICE 2 Trailer (E3 2016)

Official cinematic trailer for Injustice 2 !
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INJUSTICE 2 Trailer (E3 2016)
Release date : 2017 on PS4, Xbox One and PC
© 2016 – Warner Bros Games

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que videojuego es el que aparece en el min 2:27?

fenris wolf says:

The trailer is great but to be honest I feel like every one keeps saying iron man this but it feels like every one is ripping of batman and blue beetle batman is has no powers but this does not make him weaker in other ways it makes him even more dangerous than people with , batman has always used secret power armor or transforming armors and a lot now in the new 52 he keeps a suit in the batmobile , the thrasher that was used to fight the talons from the court of owls , the anti justice league armor also known as the fernir , and my absolute favorite now which is everything I always wanted for batman it’s the hellbat armor which was forged by the justice league in the event that batman had to kick everyone and everything’s ass lol but seriously batman used it to kick the new gods assess including darksied superman could not even do this, so like my main point I feel like they r taking batmans secret weapon and just said hey guys we need to one up r last game lets give everyone batmans armor. Here’s the other problem with injustice games it’s a fighting game I’m not a big fan ofthem at all but I still played it because I’m a fan

StreyishRex says:


Mr_ Underscore says:

Holy shit!!!!!!!! Is that Walter White speaking??!!!!!!

Dreadsafe 916383 says:

Just had an orgasm on batmans future suit

myra_qute 06 says:

v f


Bryan Cranston?

thetopherhaslanded says:

ahhhhh red hood! i gotta say though that i can pretty much guarantee that barely ANYONE will choose to be “Supergirl”

jhon gonzales says:

Shazam!!! …. v:

Darren Joe Pretty On Top says:

Anyone know the voice over?

Joshua Lozano says:

Cyborg: I was a robot before it was cool.

Random Person From the Internet says:

I want He-Man und Captain Planet as guestcharacters

Wave says:

Regime Super broke out of prison?

Dashaun Davis says:

Im sorry you cant play this game unless you have B.R.A on you

Rohan Poddar says:

does superman even need an armour?

Tathagato Majumder says:

Bryan’s Voice….

Max Ponsonby says:

is bryan cranston doing the voiceover?

Sir Isaac Clarke says:

wow is that mr. cranston’s voice?

Daniel Saucedo says:

Armor upgrades brought to you by Wayne Enterprises

Sufyan Wahid says:


malvelus says:

2:11 katty perry?

Sufyan Wahid says:

i like it

Mr Crusty says:

Pretty good

Figrod 4 says:

just I like my heros, protected……

The Veneficus says:

Why does Superman have armour?
He could fight nude and still win.

serafilm produ says:

good for retarded

Majin 2 says:

Injustice: World War

The amazing guy says:

Martha dlc

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