INCREDIBLY ADDICTIVE FPS GAME! | Lovely Planet Arcade Gameplay (Part 1)

Lovely Planet Arcade has been on my radar since PAX South and it’s finally here! While this game may look childish and simple from the outside, it’s actually a really fun, frantic, and addictive arcade FPS! If you want to see more of the game let me know!

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Outro Song:
‘Chiptune Does Dubstep’ by Teknoaxe…
License: Royalty Free


INCREDIBLY ADDICTIVE FPS GAME! | Lovely Planet Arcade Gameplay (Part 1)


BlueRaven - Gaming Videos says:

Mr. Fruit you should do phantom forces on Roblox if you like battlefield

Kim Bobb says:

play the first lovely planet game

DARK ICE says:

So it’s a cute version of Doom?

Sleeping Bear says:

Man, I just want to listen to the music.

G-ForceGaming says:

Angry Birds meets FPS

Elias Dailey says:

Can you do at least 1 more please?

CJT Cozmic37 says:


flojipo says:

please at some point get the first game: Lovely Planet

Nadir Bait Saleem says:


Rhys Conoley-Marsh says:

Is anyone else reminded of the skyloft music in skyward sword at the title screen?

Fedor Heijneman says:

give me moreeeee!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

Rouge Soldier says:

Moreeeeee pleaseeeee

Troll Wrighty says:


Erik Smith says:

please keep it up mr fruit

Uly Mendez says:

this could be a fruit and chill game

Danario Mcdorfill says:

fuck this nigger

Josh Hupton says:

that what it sounds like

Zeushammer97 / coopdedoop97 says:

Love the beat of the game and its fun to watch, i just think its more of a fruit and chill sort of game.

Chad Losey says:


YoYoTheCrazy 2 says:

Guild of dungeon earring plz you have to beat the chest thing…

Finn Khan says:

You awsome

Pikasayan says:

S.W.A.T. simulator 2016…

BeeKing says:


Paul Sanchez says:

Play Furi please

Evan Neau says:

I swear he played this in his major destiny days…

Hopefully We're Funny says:

So different then console omfg

Moon says:

These time trial type games are boring as F, tbh.

BaconGrease says:

Donald trump needs to _______

Josh Hupton says:

the mario kart tunes

jayden krieger says:


Andrew Ruiz says:

Would’ve loved to see move videos on this game. It’s actually really entertaining!

Lord Dogma says:

This shotgun reminds me when shotguns had the perk “shot package”

Bryce Buenrostro says:

You should really play some sky rim love your vids would love to see you play sky rim

FuryArc says:

Is this game free?

White Dorito says:

Don’t like this personally.  But  I binged on all 6 videos of Rust today!!!! lol More of that with Blue and the Rhabster!!!  Pretty much any video with the dream team I watch and like immediately!

Aaron Trent says:

Anybody remember when felwinter had that range?

Caleb Hendricks says:

Play the rest of Act 2!!!

Max Lenker says:

Love the video! More please!

jay hedger says:

More we happy few or rito

Garrett Hamer says:

I thought PB meant peanut butter

naruto the sage leaf ninja says:

cool game

unlimited panda5 says:

Japanese doom

DarthPizza says:


Reed Helvey says:


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