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Tyler Cheetham says:

get Jon elway

Elliott Thomas says:

Are you finished with those Aarons(spongebob)

Jmans Vlogs says:

Antonio brown 90 over all

Wayne Poliziani says:

Try out the Sig Bobby Wagner

Manuel Sanchez says:

Thank God toke lost

Brian P says:

Toke to stop screens and runs use man coverage like cover 2 and user whoever is manned on the running back

Richard Alexzander says:

can you get john elway and play madden mobile

josh moore says:

what playbook toke use?

Alpha_Q_Uppp Demolition says:

what pb is toke using

Davin Manfredi says:

U should get AB

Connor Fantom says:

Play NHL again

Clann says:


CyberWolfGaming says:

Keep Aaron Rodgers. He’s the best dual threat QB in the game. Dark Prescott is the TOTW player but to inexperienced to out do Aaron Rodgers.

james kamara says:

i respect this vid toke most youtubers dont show their down fall but it takes a man to. Great vid man

Skank Hunter says:

Great game

Vito delnegro says:

bro make the audio louder

Brendan Herbstritt says:

Yo toke get that guys gamer tag he was solid. I’d love to see that game again

Dalton Hughes says:

no a Elliott is

Kwame Brown says:

500k hair reveal?

izmatic boss #1 says:

The title of this video should be ” Lamar Miller is Insane “

Brian Hogg says:


Bengals Rock says:

Get sherman

TheGamer XZ says:

Try out Kirk cousins

Angel Clemente says:


James Williams says:

when you spend thousands of dollars on the game and take an L lol

IanThe 3rd says:

I wanna take your hat

Typical Dude says:

Champ bailey

ReVo Plasma says:


Lindy Fenex says:

use det playbook its great

Joey Montgomery says:

Get Jordy Nelson! He has 83 speed but he plays like a 99

Corvin Young says:

Where are the my career videos?

Justin Balzer says:


VictorDe1st says:

Calm the fuck down

Nia Moore says:

Hold your L’s ToKe

Marcellis Pettus says:

bro stop yelling all the time Jesus Christ

Gerardo Soto says:

Do connected franchise

macedaking says:

Toke got dicked down by some dude running a college offense. RIP

NateTheGreat says:

Dak Prescott!! The Dallas QB get him

steelersrock 234 says:

Play rainbow 6 siege on ur other channel

MLBTV says:

Steve McNair!!!!!!!

Emmet O Neill says:

Dak Prescott

ReVo Plasma says:

like this is toke should get dak.

AvocaTom says:

WOW. Awesome Game. Toke never saw you lose yet. Stunned

Brandon Bailey says:

Does impacted block stats really matter on linemen?

steelersrock 234 says:

Get Antonio brown!!!!!

Timothy-Shane Rausch says:

bruh i don’t know why I enjoy watching u lose so much lol

Andrew Sheranko says:

I like tokes vids before i watch them because I know it’ll be good

Eli Grey says:

why would you give your dog Tacobell?

z0ne _ says:

get braxton miler

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