Idiots on horseback with guns | Depraved gameplay Wild West city builder #5

My gunslinger militia have taken to riding around on horseback like they own the place – although that may have something to do with a lack of stable space. I need them to get to work pronto and clean up the outside of town before any more of my laborers are lost to bandits, wolves, bears, pine cones… This is Depraved. The wild west cowboy city builder very much in the style of Banished.

I received this game directly from the developers, because they’re lovely and I’m easily corrupted.

Take a seat, grab a drink and sit back to the relaxing sound of plans being drawn then abandoned within minutes.

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Jason Weakley says:

“You have died from stupidity.” The Moron Trails

Desmond Blenio says:

Then as Fall turned to Winter, the Alderman wondered why the bridge wasn’t finished
We made him walk to the pig farm. Never saw him again. Bears, I reckon.
By ’38, the snows kept our heads down, despite all the gun tooting horsemen we had guarding the Mayor’s well. Never has so many sammiches inma life. Got frostbite waiting in line for the privy.

ZyZla says:

I know I’m already dead, but this series is my one and only favourite. Transport fever got boring and as long as devs won’t introduce AI competition it’s kind of pointless game…

cibie01 says:

Its a good job you didn’t ask for a green bridge these jokers can’t even manage a standard bridge.

Norm says:

I had thought that you would have tossed this game into the sacrificial brazier after your last LP But, I’m happy to see you endeavoring. Thank you.

Tom Meyer says:

The bridge mission needs a name. “Market Garden” seems about right.

Blacka66er says:

A bridge too far…

Peter Weaver says:

Anyone in the toilet? creased me up

Simon Parker says:

When you get some builders I think you need a graveyard, or two, so all your deceased can rest in peace.

Clintarella says:

Considering all the corpses, are you playing Depraved or Graveyard Keeper?. Much confusion .
(Poor Duncan… with the Vicar)
Depraved vicars are always invigorating for the virginal male populace…….historically speaking.
Perhaps they are ALL huddled in the confessional awaiting judgement.
Ergo the introduction of the Side-Saddle

James Goudreau says:

Come live in glorious Failurewood and play with the exotic wildlife! You can watch them wolf down their food…

DSchrubbe says:

Oh man, all YouTube videos should open with Aaron Copland

Brian Bright says:

Poor Chet, RIP

pizzafrenzyman says:

You need a construction engineer to build a bridge, and a safety inspector.

jdoe says:

That’s great. Back home from work and i see the Colonel is horsing around again in the wild west. Can there be any better entertaining after a hard day of work? No…except maybe a live stream of Depraved. However i would settle for a Transport Fever live stream… any live stream from the Colonel

NH Birddog says:

You should maybe delete the bridge then start it over?

Jadranko Albert says:


Philip Bossy says:

Ahhh, the joys of the wild country.
You did assign some dedicated workers on the wells during the water crisis. That could be a source of laborers… Maybe the guy assigned to the now destroyed well is still trying to work it, seeing how bright they are.

SaturnMist09 says:

Bad Company seems to be mis-behaving more than usual. Hahaha

Hunter 4545 says:


1234Agen says:

Anyone have a full death count for the ”trail of unending series of complete idiots”?

Nartur Arkano says:

Someone should study you for a Compendium of Idioms in British English.

Curtis Rogers says:

hahaha i don’t know why I’m amused at watching you play this game but I look forward to it every morning I wake up. Old man to Old man, your doing better then I probably would be. Although I did sight the bandits heading to town right away. Keep this series going please.

Martin Johansson says:

… I am so close to facedesking right now… You know, I kinda hope the bandits torch Failurewood to the ground, but that’s because I want Failurewood 2.0. No matter, it’s entertaining either way. Keep it up. I dare ya!

sergio concha says:

why dont build the bridge first!!! (im screaming to my pc)

Nekron99OMG says:

The builders are’t building and the pioneers are wandering out into the wastelands to die.

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