I WANNA BE PRESIDENT – Race for the White House Gameplay

My fellow Americans,

Four score and 20 mb ago we downloaded a game that’s like 3 years old or something. Despite hardships, despite toil, despite the ridicule of the rest of the employees in the Fullscreen office, we pledge to you that we’ll always stand by Barak Gynna Wynn’s twin promises of legalized prostitution AND making sure creationism is taught to all American children.

With malice toward none, with charity for all, with firmness in the right to dead babies, let us remember that the only thing we have to fear is a cyborg winning the highest office in the land.

May god bless you, and may god bless these United States.

And the troops.

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samjustsam1 says:

Obama is a Muslim Marxist POS and I am so glad that massive failure is no longer president. Molon labe bitches! III%

Haleriouse50 Sech_H50 says:

In 1:06 there a racest part.

axhoffDJ says:

This will never not be funny

Hugo Santos says:

This is iconic. Pure Funhaus right here.

Shedewbeast 300 says:

if only the elections today was like this

Branden Burg says:


Alexander T. says:

She reminds me of someone….

Cthulu Nebuchadnezzar says:

Everyone beats a black woman!

Song H says:

“withdraw from NAFTA, overturn Roe v Wade” I can’t……

Garbage Gorilla says:

And the best scene in funhaus history 14:47

Burmon Buttersworth says:

I cant believe they didnt bring up transgender bathroom laws… triggered

Sage cash says:

hey babe, take a walk on the wild side.

Cmac McClizal says:

*Clicks withdrawing from NAFTA and NATO as a ridiculous joke*

Current actual president has made those claims…

Hayden Trupish says:

Anyone back here after the shitshow of an election we just witnessed?

Goodguy001 says:

When I started watching I honestly didn’t think they could make this game funny. I was wrong.


This went from funny to too real…
6:59 sums it up.

madjean99 says:

did the funhaus team run trump’s campaign??

David Igleniec says:

Aaaaaaaand Trump won.

Matt 22988 says:

Trump withdrew from NAFTA and he threatened NATO

Vendetta says:

You heard it here folks! Less teachers, more weed!

Luigi Deathstare says:

This is like Donald Trump’s campaign but tamer

Benji says:

She wants to withdraw from NAFTA and NATO, sounds pretty presidential too me….

The Lone Wolf says:

And Question Mark……..Donald J Trump

Gwyneth Emily says:

Still my favourite funhaus video, always manages to cheer me up

Hunter Brown says:

gynnz winne has about te same economic policies as Bernie Sanders

iinori says:

When you realise Gynna Wynn would be better than the US’ current choices LUL

Vendetta says:

2:25 X’D

Luis Navarro says:

that moment when all the bad things they selected trump has done something worse or something really close to that (one example is leaving the minimum wage up to the states)

Gerald Ballard says:

She sounds like the purge lady from the trailer


This is how trump won

venichen1 says:

Hold me guys.

aceshot20101 says:

im in wyoming o.o

Captain Carl says:

If you look at the map, you can see that the state of Michigan is really fucked up.

When you rush B just right says:

“My opponent is guilty of tax evasion.” Too real.

LambosRule79 says:

Still a better candidate than trump

Mr Bear says:

harambe or me 2016 vote no donald trumpet or meme queen

Globbified says:

Why is Obamacare in this game when the characters name is Jack Ohama

EdKMusic says:

1:44 WOOOW! Who knew that would actually happen…

ulimatereachsniper says:

I will never forget the shit eating grin on Mick Ronney

FederationPilotLouis98 says:

Shout out to Iowa

Mark McElroy says:

5:18 “Wants to withdraw from NAFTA and NATO” HAHAHAHAHAHA

maria tyler says:

Gynna Wynn 2020!

M says:


The Brofessor says:

the Electoral College does need to ve abolished tho.

ReflectEGMO says:

World of Leaders is a massively multiplayer role-playing game. Players take on the roles of politicians, artists, and journalists in today’s world. Their goal is to acquire maximum influence and develop their careers. In this pursuit, they can become, for example, the country’s most popular singer or its Head of State. Play here! http://store.steampowered.com/app/335050/

Bunyip Video says:

Wants to withdraw from NAFTA and NATO, “HAHA thats so ridiculous, noone could win on that platform!”…

Andrew Hunter says:

What is the name of this game it looks fun

themachiavellingamer says:

Sadly she would have been a better president than Hilary and trump.

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