I RUN THESE STREETS! | BlackShot Mercenary Warfare FPS – Gameplay!

Haha, hey everyone! ExxotikGaming here back at it again with another random game commentary! 😛 In today’s video, I play a game called BlackShot Mercenary Warfare, an extremely fun FPS I found on Steam. It just came out, and I’m probably one of the first YouTubers to make a video on it, so check it out! It’s a lot like Warmode! 🙂

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Khadija Mroom says:

hahahah xD you sounded like a little kid…. ” oh what’s this? … i want this one!.. no i want that one!!!….i want to get a pistol kill!!!!”
XD i was cracking up on these accents of yours as well….XD

overall i honestly enjoyed your video. keep up the good work.

Suicide Squad says:

u get supply box in storage item

Kyber says:

I love your accent!

Neko Kagura blackshot says:

u need to throw ur pistol to pick pisto

Haziq Fn says:


Neko Kagura blackshot says:

it actually a old game from garena to vertigo and now steam

Suicide Squad says:

u cant pick up beacause thats pistil

gamma blitz4832 says:

+ExxotikGaming  you gay

Samuel Teixeira says:

has blackshot alot of hackers? i mean i know all games have hackers but if had alot?

mark tay says:

from another game site

Quacker says:

Upload More ModernCombat5

Hayden Zeppetella says:

I play this game

Fanexroxcis says:

He plays better den me and I played for 4 years+

ItzDatboi 666 says:

Can you please stop the accents because its getting annoying also Instead Play CSGO

Xeno Hex says:

This game is out on Garena 7years ago== and out in other Game Platforms recently

David Daza says:

a question, in this game you can not use the sights of the gun to aim from a distance?

mark tay says:

It is FKING from blackshot sea

Neko Kagura blackshot says:

U can go watch my gameplay 🙂

Manji says:

? it been out lol and it has crashing problems

NUKE says:

lol same exact way I found the game also this game realeased 2008

ItsJerky says:

how did you record this

Madara 601 says:

exxotikgaming I play this game and I’m GM

Wild Productions says:

been playing it 2014 now theres new blockshot sea cause old blockshot is garena

Amձոըժ PG3D says:

Omg Exxotic play more Blackshot!!!

JuIcY Strike/Clan Owner says:

i got it in June 2 2016

HSU_9 says:

Nice u play this game too

Amin Chiha says:

you’re nuts xD

Haziq Fn says:

This game name Blackshot Global

Wayne24 GT says:

Actually Blackshot is already an old game in Malaysia. I played BlackShot for 5 years long. :3

Ejaycrafter24 says:

I love the intro song anyways what is it called

Bsz Gamingz says:

wtf ! blackshot global..

richard leonard says:

wer mod

Madara 601 says:

go to your stores to get your reward and B to change your weapon

mark tay says:

DA fk

NightcoreMonster says:

If you live in asia,this game would be soo common.Especially malaysia

evelyn Jaron says:

hey exxotic llay crisis action on your tab/mobile/whatever gadget u have (download it first tho) it has the same wep sbotgun spas awp sar is tar lol its like a copy bu nope those weps are existing in real life (well at least some of them…)

Jaidon Ayetey says:

The shotgun looks like vesper from cod bo3

FPS Gamer says:

What’s that intro music? I want it 😀

Josem Mondejar says:

I have a acount in blackshot lvl 87

Haziq Fn says:

Press b to change weopan

Gamer Plays Games says:

i got this game as soon as it came out

MonkeybunK says:

just got i’m seeing what i’m in for

Suicide Squad says:


Jay PG3D says:

There is so many hackers on this game actually 0-0

Mirocyb says:

can’t find it on steam… :'(

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