I LIKE TRAINS! – Workers & Resources: Soviet Republic (CITY BUILDER TYCOON GAME)

Workers & Resources: Soviet Republic Gameplay
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Workers & Resources: Soviet Republic is the ultimate real-time soviet-themed city builder tycoon game. Construct your own republic and transform a poor country into a rich industrial superpower!

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F00L1SHM4DM4N says:

Bend it like Keralis

karlo ambrekovic says:

Oh yeah yeah


Privet,Keralis! Vodka blyat!

G Fletcher says:

Signals should be spaced so that a train can occupy the “section” in full so you go by 1 train between 2 signals at 1 time

GriZzly Bear says:

where is city skilines :(((

Archiv-ek!!! Official says:

This game is amazing!

Olly U says:

In America you play game but in Soviet Russia game plays you…..!

Andrew Johson says:

i liked it so i like see more of that

Danu Dwi Aditya says:

Nice mini series

SoEliteGamer says:

The lights create blocks, and if there is any train in a block, it will toggle the lights stopping any other train until the block is open. I suggest putting lights right at the stations, and at any intersection. Depending on the train speed, and game mechanics (not familiar with this game’s) you may want some on long straight tracks to prevent trains from colliding

Master Ninja says:


Soldier BR says:

im not communist but i love this game

Marcin Srebnicki says:

As a pre 1990 born Pole, I like this gameplay.

Krnixle says:

00:45 In The USA you don’t drive into people in Soviet Russia we drive into people and there fine.

Ranshile Bartolay says:

The game is great and contents is awosome 🙂 And I would like request to review and play “The Colonists” Thanks Keralis

Muscraffe says:

This game needs personal cars.

Макс Коренчук says:

see the channel Rimpac he also runs this game very interesting I advise you to watch.)))

alex says:

Cool keralis

Apple News and Rumors says:

Hope you do more of these! I’m not expert but you already spent 4 million rubles so you should invest into your economy so at least your making money back, also focus on feeding you people instead of sending dogs to space 🙂

Daniil Kosovskiy says:

Привет привет=))

Ximuish says:

Greetings from Poland!

japa vu says:


Hefty says:

Oh this is a city builder I thought it was a train simulator or transport sim

Diecast racer 55 says:

Keralis wee know you like trains

Latvia Ball says:

Keralis were you born in Poland? I thought you were born in Sweden, then moved to Poland and then moved back to Sweden

Irritating Films says:

People’s Commissar Keralis is doing a great job managing every aspect of the city. Very soviet, very derp.

Olly Ward says:

Plz do more Keralis I like trains to

anindra pratama says:

You’re right Keralis, the ChME3 is still in use in Eastern Europe, some are even refurbished

Lofoten :D says:

Can you place down the pretty houses?

redstone LV says:

CME 3 is definetly the answer for train because one just drived along my house IRL

Panda Panda says:


Team NEXA says:

More of this please <3

Dion says:

Хахаха смішно було в началі

Soham Roy Parbat says:

Is this game released on PC?

Ozan Brende says:

Очень хорошо!

legomovie world says:

Do more

BoomerAUS00 says:

You know this may be the 1st game that you don’t need to have a loading/unloading station at every place you goto.

I’ve got this game on my wishlist on steam. 🙂

Thompson Cawley says:

Excellent series again sir!!! Do we get another episode of evil bank manager??

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