I GOT A GUN!! Star Citizen Gameplay : FPS EXPLORATION #2

► I GOT A GUN!! Star Citizen Gameplay : FPS EXPLORATION #2
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Star Citizen!! In this gameplay video I show you some online multi crew shenanigans in the new 2.0 alpha! I take a look at one of the biggest ships currently available in the game, the Constellation. Star Citizen is an upcoming space sim video game for Microsoft Windows and Linux. Star Citizen will consist of two main components: first-person space combat, mining and trading with first-person shooter elements in a massively multiplayer persistent universe and customizable private servers, and a branching single-player and drop-in co-operative multiplayer campaign titled Squadron 42. The game is built on a modified CryEngine and will feature Oculus Rift support.

Music Used :
Intro/Outro Song : Syntact – Shallow https://youtu.be/Ma18w-tuj3U

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spliffzombonie says:

star citizen + warframe = GG

Elite Dude says:

#da graphics Dow!!!

Erduk says:

There is something to shoot! Your ship you pussy!

Asus Kybd says:

Hmm…. your ship doesn’t have any balls either!

mdog077 says:

I honestly feel that this is gonna be a lot better than ED. We have seen many things come into fruition whether it be Alpha or not.

BaneKiller says:

how do I get this when it comes out

Ben Gove says:

“star shoot em as soon as you see em” that is exactly what it is

alex taylor says:

when your flying the ship it looks like your riding a space bike

look here if you want to see 2:25

Adam Rice says:

is there planet exploration yet?

C.S. K. says:

3:35 smoke coming out of the space station?! WTF?

Adolf Hitler says:

please tell me this is coming on the xboxone??

JuergenGDB says:

I just hope there are more mature gamers then retards in this mmo.  This should be an epic game.. reminds me of the pen and paper game… Traveler RPG, but that was along time ago, and now its a video game.

Paul Koller says:

You can hear sounds in air^^

loneventhorizon says:

omg this is so cool!!

Ethan Dipple says:

what are pc specs!?!

littleferrhis says:

I mean I can’t wait until boarding becomes a thing and you can recreate the first scene in a new hope.

GB3770 says:

Ship’s usually have female names…like cars…

Fire_Dude24 says:

If there were aliens,it would be like fallout

Zassik Dreadmort says:

Use this link to get 5000 free credits in Star Citizen! https://robertsspaceindustries.com/enlist?referral=STAR-GZ32-N9F6

EragonDrake says:

he sounds like the no man’s sky creator

AESCULAPTORmark3 says:

This game looks fucking bad ass. This needs some horrible aliens and robots.
When is this going to be finished ?

Yur W says:

We NEED an Infinite Improbability Drive in this game.

TheHypernaught says:

lets hope the fps combat don’t suck. Remember folks vehicular FPS’s have sucked in the past.

Drakotar says:

If you want to try out the game you can *play for free* up until the 1st of Feb! When you sign up use this code *STAR-NHXR-HQ6G* to receive *5,000* credits to spend straight away! Share the link with your friends!
See you in the verse!

Paul Koller says:

You can hear sounds in air^^

Asus Kybd says:


Band1t says:

Do you think this game will come to console?

Mike D says:

idk much about videogames, but i must say this is beautiful. I would definitely play a game like this.

VodkaShots .Now says:

sound in space?

Jay PhoenixTM says:

This shit is copied from Infinite Warfare, what a shame

Chad G says:

Just a afterthought but weapons MIGHT be in the armory… just a afterthought

Shadowkey392 says:

Shame you can’t save your progress in the game yet.

daz knight says:
Clive F says:

the ships name is really jasmin lol

sentinel says:

you have a pistol as well, press one and 2

SuNnY PeGaSus says:

how YOur FPs so Good Show me Your Wayssi got Gtx780 i cant get more 28 fps :[

Zac Colbourne says:

Is this game on a xbox one are pc

Andreas-Stavros Soultatos says:

If anyone is interested in this game you better buy a package until the end of this month. This way you ll get Squadron 42, the first episode of a single player campaign, which will introduce players to the Star Citizen universe, for free. After the end of this month you ll have to buy it separately (+50 euros). It’s worth 20 hours of missions. You can sign up at the site. Use this link to get 5000 ingame credits. https://robertsspaceindustries.com/enlist?referral=STAR-5YTN-97DN

Sentuska says:

if my ship gets destroyed do i have to buy another 1?

Mykel Dumas Demers says:

they need to remove sounds from the gun in space

John Holloway says:

Could you go down to the planet next to this station?

Ryuz Riina says:

Sound in space?
Firearms work in space ?
gravity inside a ship without a gravity generator ? but lol i don’t care, this is fucking awesome.

JoshuaK says:

Hopefully they add necromorphs? at least some kind of easter egg like seeing the “marker” on Mars? Really can’t wait to play this, How’s the customization?

Ian Lavorente says:

This game looks heavy in your computer.

landen scott says:

This game looks amazing, dogfight, fps, open world. Damn what more could you ask for.

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