Humvee Gunner Gameplay & More – Squad Realistic FPS Gameplay

EARPORN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh and Particle Porn too ;D

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Luke Kletke says:

awesome video man

James McFuck!! says:

This game looks fantastic. Great work with the 40mm.

Zachary Wright says:

love love love it!!!

ANonPaidAttorneySpokesperson says:

This is a Grinders Game. Thanks Sherm!!

fffrrreeeddd says:

hahaha no way was someone called abu hajaar xD oh god.. x_x

imran gaming says:

#shermanator you see the guys with the nama allahhuakbar you guys dont not my the mean of it i think this people are racist
it mean the name someone

Matsimus Gaming says:

“Get some! Get some!” – Full metal Jacket. Fit just perfectly for the start lol

Zerox324 f3 says:

i dont know what kills more at the intro, the 50 cal MGs or their earrape?

hawkrider221 says:

that spatter of dutch(?) tho….

Ábel Zatykó says:

never enough bullets

Titytit Mk2 says:

ArmA and Squad are probably the best milsim games out there.

FullMetalPatriot says:

Abu Haajar ahahahahahahaahaha i got that reference

Dondek says:


Lukas Saunders says:

Abu Hajaar nice XD…

Prof. Mamalhute says:

imagine squad in vr. i would be ptsd simulator at its best


Squad is awesome,the team work the sounds are 2nd to none. Great vid,more please.

indian guy says:

the sounds of guns r really massive & deathly ,i scared a bit for a moment ,when i listen it to high volume in my headphone ; always.

Hampe200-Blyad says:

21:58 JESUS! i got so scared….

Fox racer Fox racer says:

Ah the Earphone users are going to have such an fun time with the eh Eargasims

StoolieP says:

I have to assume that your ability to see enemies in game is far greater than in the video….

Taylor Davis says:

i love this game

piracci productions says:

Can you play as the insergents next?

Rebelkommando616 says:

Sherm is this game worth buying st this point?

Horizon - says:

a minute in the humvee in 36 minute video 🙁

Ann Brown says:

more squad gameplay

Hampe200-Blyad says:

oh no, your voice, you have a cold dont you? 🙁

Casey Lee says:

my are

Hitman3000hawk Gaming says:

came for squad, watch ear porn, still happy

Qpan99 says:

Haha the swedish guys at 4:45 are hilarious XD

TDTSarge G says:

SQUAD! My prayers have been answered

_Sparkie_ says:

I love the sound of war

Jujiva22 says:

23:43 dat bug tho

Beakwood a.k.a Adregallus says:


I laughed so hard.

Kohlarm says:

RIP my ears

Drewmany says:

God I love your videos man! Keep it up bro

Hugo grave says:

i just bought this from just hearing all that earporn

i just hope i’ll enjoy it

BaBz says:

I just realized that Abu Hajaar was in shermans squad lmao

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