HORSE RACE – GTA 5 Gameplay

You know Jaleel White just ran a 2nd base train on all those TGIF girls. Also, I’m pretty sure I heard he got the mom from Step by Step pregnant and they had to ship her off to her aunt’s house in the country to “take care of it”. Simpler times.

Melee Fight Club:

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Sriracha Cunt says:

that “peeet” guy was obviously cheating. he was running faster the whole time, then ran circles around you and then started running again and was in front of you, all while you were still running. but oh no, it’s fine, he’s on your team, so he’s allowed to cheat. if you’re an enemy and cheat, kicked out! on our team?? a fucking legend! usain bolt over here!

TheBebop51 says:

Did Adam make an NC State reference?

StraightEdgeFury says:

Adam with a 2sweet.

Corbechev C says:

I tried to close the add during the Urkel cameo…

mac ferris says:

icarly on Nickelodeon though….

Eric Berger says:

I lost the game

Dirty Kyle says:

whats great about funhaus: shitty references like urkle and full house, and amazing references like oldboy and gangs of ny. love you guys.

Echo Gecko 7 says:

Lets be honest. How many of you tried to click away the ad when they were watching the vid of full house?

crocknasty6666 says:

James is right! it’s bullshit these kids think that all the new age cartoons are old and ancient already! What about Thundercats? G.I. Joe? Transformers? Reboot? (you’re welcome Bruce) Exosquad? now these are truly ancient cartoons!

pauldix06 says:

did anyone else too sweet Adam? no? just me? ok

Sebastian Gomez says:

lol mini wall of death

Greg Brent says:

I find it darkly comical that Lawrence makes fun of AH for still playing Minecraft, yet here they are playing GTA yet again.

How does Lawdawg even see the ground from his high, ivory horsetower?

Lifiea Chancelot says:

I had no reaction to Bruce climbing into the round thing.
I did, however, laugh really hard for a whole minute when everyone else followed him.

Jazzy Jeff says:

Wuss hattin wolf pack

rcutler9 says:

umm Lawrence. icarly was Nickelodeon not disney

Doug says:

I always have to turn my volume down when James is playing GTA melee.
Or my Neighbours will think I’m watching porn!

Stephen Terry says:

Lawrence is so unabashedly gross

Mitchell Rossman says:

This is what happens when a horse gets injured and has to be put down

Root Beer says:

So this is what swatters were used for?

Kevin George says:

Elyse referenced oldboy omg


0:58 Rip in peace Cunt..

Puttin' on the Riff says:

I can really appreciate that OldBoy comment by Elyse that everyone else seemed to ignore. But… here’s the question to YOU, Elyse: American or Korean version?

Both are decent in my opinion.

Sidenote: I don’t expect anyone to care, or respond. 😉

Joe kirkham says:

this was cinematic as shit!!! great editing

Kevin George says:

Elyse referenced oldboy omg

Ty Sama says:

Granted, iCarly ended like, 4 years ago now.

Ray Lindsey says:


vbdude006 says:

I love how everyone just ignored that Oldboy reference from Elyse.

Jeb Watson says:

4:58 Something came out of my nose I laughed so hard. Good editing. Keep up the good work…

Split Screen says:

If I don’t get blocked by2am I’m going to kill a baby

Kolton Thompson says:

Zach n Cody and iCarly are definitely not from the 90s, Mister Lawrence

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