Hatred “Mass Murderer FPS Mod” Gameplay Uncut (Truck Stop playthrough)

Get it here: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=705587831&searchtext=

Okay, I was very very sceptical about this. But we supported the almighty modder a bit and FPS Hatred seems to be fun as f*ck. I couldn’t stop playing it, as it changed the whole game (and made it much harder). Some things look like shit, some better than I would ever expected, but hey – it’s a twin-stick shooter converted to FPS by a modder. All hails to him!

Try it, especially if you played Hatred. It’s worth it!



P. S. I’ve had cinematic executions turned off here, as they were pissing me off. 😉


Acecool says:

I may have to play this game once more… The top down view was annoying with how the ai would shoot at you through several feet of solid concrete to target you even if there was no direct sight-line and no way that the ai knew you were there, other than by cheating… I hope that major issue was fixed though because that made playing the game annoying.

Gaming Pastime says:

We’ll have to try this. Looks awesome. Another reason to replay, too.

TheNaibaf333 says:

where cani buy and play the game in steam (germany) ? Is this possible ?

Hunt3R Hunt3R says:

omg this gamę with VR i cant wait for that 🙂

Sic_Mic says:

you cant buy this game in germany

Костя Яковлев says:

Guys, what about Hatred 2?

geo man says:

first of all, author needs to patch the arms thing, those severed arms really pushes me away from the immersion, second off, the damn glass on the windows and mirrors, UGH, it’s so bad, needs to be patched, third off, we need a Rampage DLC, featuring the main character of the movie, played by Brendan Fletcher. fourth off, give us access to the freeway, we wanna have some SPEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEDEH combat too! like in burnout, or twisted metal.

ItsComingOutOfBothEnds says:

Finally figured out that to bypass Steam ban in Australia to buy Steam key from Destructive Creations website then “Add Game” in Steam.

I have yet to play the vanilla game though I’m addicted to this mod. Next stop Hated mod for Postal.

JK Machine says:

Looks like rayman skitzed out, awesome game i’ll be purchasng this mofo for sure

Doge Le Dog says:


buzzingrobot 27 says:

reminds me of postal 2 without the sick and dirty jokes


ps4 release soon?

Natan Alves says:

would you kindly make this on VR?

Jeremias Gonzalez says:

imagine this guy in a zombie apocalypse

Kanashe says:

Wow, this looks simply terrible. Not just the floating hands which makes it seem like an edgy version of Rayman, but half the executions look bad (seriously, he’s not even shooting the victims and instead shoots forward), plus it shows how bad/muddy/bland the graphics look.

Rudog47 says:

make a prision level!
mow down and execute all the inmates

mariko091 says:

Can someone please post a no-steam download link PLEASE!

qwertyMrJINX says:

Not to be rude, but this really should’ve been how the game played from the start. Nobody likes Twin-stick shooters.

Lord Tony says:

Wow I didn’t think the graphics were that good to look good in first person. usually top down games degrade graphics because no one will notice minor details.

This is amazing, why didn’t they make it first person to begin with? lol

Jotaro97 says:

I hope for Hatred 2.
It’d be cool if you make it even crazier than the first game, making Not Important guy survive the nuclear explosion. The Devil saving him or something.

Galil-chan says:

Hatred VR when?

Pietree says:

I wonder if the trailer was like this would people still get mad over it?

Victor Arteaga says:

Now we are speaking, this SHOULD be a game mode….

Arktur Gaming says:

if Hatred 2 ever comes it neeeeeeeds to be first person. holy shit *_*

PM Crew says:

in fpp it looks worse than original.

Christian Deleon says:

I’m not for killing people or whatever but the game itself looks really really fun. I could play this game right now & just do what the objectives tell me to do. Doesn’t mean I wanna kill people. I wish the developers could make an official FPS Mode or something.

mrhappyhead mrhappyhead says:

this game is bread and butter to a mad man.

NekoHazrd says:

multiplayer would be great. I mean, they did it for Postal Redux, why not Hatred?

MLB Samael says:

Hatred 2 shuld be like that like Postal 2 😀

Henrique Spazini says:

Please bring hatred to the PS4!

Electroneko says:

666 likes on this comment and I’ll make a Sandy Hook DLC level.

Kevster012 says:

Not gonna lie, I kinda almost think the game is better as an fps.

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