HARDEST HITTING DEFENDER IN NFL! Madden 17 Career Mode Gameplay! Ep. 22

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Jacquez Johnson says:

next can you be a db

Alejandro Madera says:

New nickname. Man of Steel. Give me some credit for this one QJB,

Jamari Johnson says:

Qjb can u please play college football games

guardiansriseTGS says:

A slogan nobody passes this bridge give me credit

Stuffed Donut says:


RichhomieJ U says:

U should have a visor

Kevin Flynn says:

Do return left

Baller Story42 says:

Sub to me at BallerStory42

Darrell Hulan says:

I am from Tennessee

I RUNYEW says:

sub to me#fuck qjb

Blake Cottrill says:

Pittsburgh vs Titans Pittsburgh will win

TinyOrange Gaming says:


Kobe Barrett says:

Gridiron champions new college football game plz support we want college football back

HighSavage says:

why is green beckam on the titans

Parker Christman says:

Can u do so the journey

ricechrispy boi says:


Teddy Awesome says:

Is it just me or did the steelers glitch a touchdown at 8:24

Esteban Fernandez says:

What’s the intro song

Denise Henderson says:

what is your hit power

Von Doe says:

come on man gameplay ….BAD

Tyleia Jones says:

why you didn’t strip the ball?

Jesse Rebuelta says:

ppl you have to put ur self in EAs shoes. either ur honest about business practices and make no money or loose money 2nd option ur dishonest and make a shit load of money. what u do think they picked

Xxboyzgamer 35 says:


The Kryptonizer says:

Dude that fumble freaked my out I almost dropped my I pad

Xxboyzgamer 35 says:

Dip chapter jr

Its your boy Austin says:

We crushed the stealers in real life

Kadien Smith says:

can you put on a back plate plz

TheKillaMan111 says:

My favorite Qjb Series

Shawn Smasher says:

Did you make that player

ricechrispy boi says:

super MAN

Angel Sanchez says:

QJB is the funniest commentator ever

• Jacs • says:

can you change teams after this season

Jesse Rebuelta says:

EA “pays” game video makers to to falsely promote pay and play games.

Mike Morgan says:

if when u show the play the receivers names come up it is a pass if not its a run

TinyOrange Gaming says:

Add my gamer tag so I can play London Bridges in madden 17


lol qjb is so bad at playcalling

Cameron's Gaming says:

Do more MLB

Heidi Gudajtes says:

Move to a wide receiver after this season

Sean Conner says:

7:37-7:38 I was distracted for a moment and did not see the hit… that HA-BOOM!! actually startled me for a moment. Can’t imagine how Wright (#13) felt when he got absolutely decimated by London Bridges! Wow.

Nye Guy says:

What is the song on :49

Tomas Torres says:

dude you suck at coverage now, you used to be great

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