Hammerhelm Gameplay Impressions – Dwarfs Crafting and Building a City!

Hammerhelm Gameplay impressions with Splat! Let’s Play Hammerhelm and check out a city builder where you’ll hack and slash your way through hordes of dwarvish foes!

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Aethilwe says:

Hey, wassup?! Did you mean the game “Drakan: The Ancients’ Gates” by any chance? I think I know what game you are talking about! But anyways, I love this game and I want to see more of it! Great work like always, cheers mate!

Madman says:


RAYGNOR no last name says:

their health bar flashes before they attack

Shannon Mansfield says:

All the love from Australia Splat. It’s so warm in the nerdcastle

Kamikaze0DK says:

Hi Splat Plz play They are billions!

Steven Mueller says:


namingsway says:

This games wayyyyyy to early ………….looks bootleg AF.

Rudevald says:

No brewery? Where will dorfs get their beeR?

Gohanshiro says:

Cool game.

Dwarfurious says:

I think the original story for this was that the Dwarfs were building a new home for the ‘wood elf queen’ an i told’em off over it, aint no dwarf serving no elf >: | good to see they fixed it.

ttarabbia says:


AfraidFire48887 says:


kisselev91 says:

More please

Jason Ellis says:

no way would i have released this to early access in this state. the game needs work before it is ready for a paid beta

Raoul Duke says:

the game on the playstation was “Drakan” i believe

Fabkittygirl says:

I’m early :0

Potsherd says:

Dwarf? Dwarf, dwarf-dwarf! DWAAARF!!

Sir Pancake says:

second or something

SpectreGrimm says:

I know it’s early access etc… but it looks kinda fun, potentially anyways, but mostly this Dwarfy game seems to come up a little short….

Ze Muzz says:

Play “They are billions”.. the beta is out..

Nicholas 3 says:

Hail splattercat

Shaw Dawg says:

Hey, Splatter, one game I’ve seen played recently that looks interesting is Airmen. Looks like Robocraft meets Guns of Icarus where you build your airship and fight. Also, I can highly recommend Mutant Football League.

John Edward D. says:

Notification squad!

Facundo Galo Lopez Meyer says:

You left me with blue balls by not making the belt

GameTaker says:

7th comment 🙂

Shawn Adams says:

This game kinda looks like it was made for the original xbox.

Dwarfurious says:

More Dwarf games >: P

Hannah May says:

You just love messing with peoples OCD dont you?

alfs kundzins says:

Thanks man for the great video and content. I appreciate the information on a new cool game. You rock sir!

Daddy/lady Ginger Fist says:

I like lemons o3o

Jerald Andry III says:


Marcelo Pires says:

you’re my favourite youtuber. i hope you keep working to achieve the recognition and success you deserve. hug from Portugal

Skyllar Robben says:

Looks like a good game

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