Hammerhelm Gameplay 2018 Impressions – Dwarf City Building Action!

Hammerhelm Gameplay impressions with Splat! Let’s Play Hammerhelm and check out a city builder where you’ll hack and slash your way through hordes of dwarvish foes!

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Einherie says:

A tip to not get lost in a cave or a labyrinth of any kind. Just stick to the right wall and take only right turns. It may take longer, but you’ll never be lost applying this method.

Gabrael Nightfire says:

keep at it Splatty nice to see you going back to games still in development keep at it brother

Waffleman 115 says:

Play 7 days to die pls!!

MrGuluere says:


Jerald Andry III says:


DarkDeath211 says:

You have a helmet you have it hidden

Marian Bielcik says:


muhammad iskandar mohd noor says:

Lov dis game

Justin Taylor - Deadguydave says:

Dwarves do use swords splat, its just that axes and hammers are more iconic. Games looks like it has some promise though

Odhinn the Underwhelming says:

Love this; would love to see more!

Nym says:

the cave of despair and not one princess bride comment?

Kevin_the_ Collector says:

Do more I like this!

Draconian Methods says:

Oof! Definitely not my cup of tea. Still, good job on covering this game!

ttarabbia says:


TurboWoj says:

god damn it when u strafe with char……… that movement like in Oblivion – I HATE IT!

psjhfc28112010 says:

I can’t see any city building

Benjamin Gibson says:

Are there enemies and stuff to fight or is it just building..

Maria Rogers says:


DarkDeath211 says:

Not joining the roads is hurting me

SkunkApe 420 says:

I loved you geologist cave explenation, your education is basicaly a human dwarf

MyLPMaster001 says:

Why should a Dwarf, a small creature, wield a weapon that is best used with a big swing?

outlawstar15a2 says:

Kinda reminds me of Folk Tale let’s hope this one gets finished.

Don't Panic, Get Manic says:

note to self, don’t invite Splatt to pool parties.

Calandryll says:

Hey Splattercat! Thank you for taking another look at HammerHelm! I’m the dev for HammerHelm and I’m happy to answer any questions that anyone has. And yes, I’m still tweaking combat and making it more fluid. And you did make a helmet, there is a toggle you can use next to where you equipped the helmet to either show hair or show the helmet. You can also add more structures to the town any time you want once you have the gold and resources – don’t have to wait for quests to build up the town more.

Kyle Meyers says:

I would love to see more of this, it looks even better then before!!

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