GOOSEBUMPS HORRORTOWN – Horror City-Builder Mobile Game [Sponsored]

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Minor graphic issues are due to a pre-release test version I received and won’t be part of the final game.

Goosebumps HorrorTown is a horror city-builder mobile game in which you try to scare your city’s citizens instead of keeping them happy and safe like in other games in the genre. Thanks to Goosebumps HorrorTown for sponsoring this video! #ad

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CXX AL says:

They should pay you more by being an actual fan and naming all the references.

LoveNathasha says:

Not my type of game, but watching you play it is fun. Congrats on the sponsorship!

RandomName says:


G_Boy says:


Skizzy Willy says:

John you should play midnight tales

Ashlynn says:

I’m so happy you’re getting sponsored. I’m very new to your channel, only been here for a few weeks, but I’ve been watching all of your old content and you’ve had such consistently good quality for years.

Gizem Melike Demirhan says:

Your gnome voice was the best! actually all of them were pretty awesome 🙂 i wanna see more of this 😀

Loot Foggy says:

I didn’t get a notification for this video for some reason

Saul Glimmerman says:

You are never too young to read Lovecraft.

Yohanz A says:

Were those gnomes pick axe glitch?
(that very similar with many game I played in my cellphone)

Red says:

HarshlyCritical, I remember when your name was that. Also I remember your shaved hair. John, it’s been awhile.

SevenEleven69 says:

Cool Game play more of it ^^

Ninja Turkey says:

Don’t care if you get sponsored, as long as you keep making content I will be happy.

Emily Banks says:

kinda want him to keep playing this

Mazi Zi says:

This looks so fun !! I gotta try it thanks for sharing John!!

Esteb Carrera says:

I love how John knows the number of the chapters portrayed… He’s such a Goosebumps dork, I love it xD

Csongor Kakuk says:

9:00 Drug Dealer Uncle Jesus is on the loose, guys! lol
BTW I’m glad you got sponsored with this, John! 🙂

Unkle Skunk says:


Loctane Kuriyama says:

Your slappy voice sounded like a John Mulaney impression

Santiago Alvarez says:

Wow, there’s so much positivity in this comment section. I love it, but let me fix it.


Mutant Skittles says:

I actually really enjoyed this video, hope you make this into a series,John!

CG says:

I dislike this kind of game, but you made this so bearable.
Thanks, John! I hope you get more even more sponsorships in the future!

Peta Somers says:

Ah I love how you can reference the books. Awesome

David McCormick says:


Frank West says:

Can u do more?

Kanciapaa says:

This game looks fun! I’d love to see you play more of it. Congrats on the sponsorship!!

Mike Dragon1126 says:

My boy gettin some money

RePhantomz says:

lol you know what? i know it is a different writer but when i see the gameplay i think it was a Steven kings Maine city builder simulator. All of the spook just happened to spanwn in small little town after all XD

DrHojo123 says:

Timers to make me wait and is there engery? I think I will pass glad your sponsired though John.

Dana S says:

This video just made my day!! I love John’s edits “LOCAL KID BEST AT SKATEBOARDING” xD

Dannysaur says:

Congrats on your sponsorship, John!

RgAmelie says:

I thought the guy with long hair was Jesus Christ trying to bring peace to the Town

Marc Straight says:

I downloaded the game just because you were sponsored by them. I loved Goosebumps as a kid so this looks really fun.

Samantha Rendella-Ishtar says:

Your voices for the characters are so cute. You really make my day, John.

Roger Roger says:

John’s hype is awesome. Lol

TheQueenofSpuds says:

Does anyone remember the name of R.L Stines other books series? The ones that were more towards teens? I remember one was about a guy who dated a girl who had a twin sister and something about a butterfly tattoo?

Mistress Cupcake says:

Didn’t he also get sponsored to play that other Goosebumps app game? Proud of John that the Goosebumps people know he’ll love to be sponsored by ’em. He deserves to get paid to do things he loves!

Chris and Rachel Amburn says:

It actually looks neat, I wish it was a real game instead of a free-to-wait model.

Artsy Khira says:

All i need in life is John playing more goosebumps games and showing how much he stans it

Babis Readerson says:

Me and my gf, especially my gf, have been here on this channel way before it was popular. Back in the old days when there were many bad indie horror games, and silent hill and game of thrones playthroughs (Those were very nice :P), and not so many comments or subscribers. You have evolved so much since then John. Look at you getting a sponsorship. I am so proud. Keep it up <3

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