Golden CaC Transformation Gameplay! | Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 Custom Frieza Race Patroller

I’ll most likely do a complete breakdown of the three races I got to test tomorrow. For now, here’s some raw gameplay featuring the Frieza Race. Heads up, this is still from an early build and nerfs/changes could happen prior to release.



Alan Holland says:

2:32 Is she enjoying it? LOL

Dhante Johnson says:

i always have trouble fighting frieza in the stroy mode

Nordic Callern says:

Janemba my favorite character in dragon ball z

Jakomi of the Rose says:

Damn it looks cool… And DAMN I can’t decide wether to pick Frieza or my trusty Female Saiyan…

GoodaleNation says:

Kaioken assault looks sick as fuck!!

Majin Rebornx22 says:

That double destructo disc fails at life….

Mlg Faggot says:

Is Ki customisable (like Ki colour?)

Jason Ultimate says:

Pan strongest Z-Warrior confirmed.

NiggaDaNinja says:

Man I hope all the top tier characters (based off of prestige not how they play) are as difficult to beat as Gogeta

BigLini says:

there is clearly no speed boost when transformed,,,only clear difference is the ki blast

The Ultimate Blaziken says:

The Goddess of Destruction, Pan, and Super Gogeta were to only warriors strong enough to defeat him

GergokeHUN says:

Legend says that if you turn Golden on Earth.. a Horde of Gypsies will come and steal you…

JK, i’m not racist

DarkR0gue_ 1 says:

Does this mean there will be a god transformation for saiyans!?!

Cesar Rodriguez says:

they should’ve added new races, like androids and Kaio

Random Gamer says:

when the ass whooping gets you off guard. 6:42

The Invisible Mare says:

0:27 Can someone help me I’m confused? do some frieza suites not turn purple on purpose or is it a glitch?

Mystic Cribbs says:

Gogeta’s kick move is over powered.

Spear Pig says:

its freaking awesome looking! maybe, its a pet peeve, but why does his Golden forum(and some other characters) have to look so glossy? like a mirror shine finish. did he get a wax job? phrasing.

Abraham Villarreal says:

it’s almost here

Daniel Ferrer Fornés says:

6:41 WTF?

MrVindictus1 says:

That ultimate move with the 2 discs can’t even hit a stationary target. Why, just why, devs? Why do you bloat the game with completely useless moves?

Teriria says:

I noticed that the time patrollers were going up against each other is that demo only or will we see that full game?

william miner says:

idk if anyone has said this but there needs to be a cell race

Abdullah Hussain says:

I thought of putting in the comment section “Freiza race looks so stupid because it looks like Freiza” Then I realised how stupid that sounded

Eltro920 says:

They need to fix that race’s defense. Their health goes down way too quickly.

Admiral Dragon says:

make golden cellza!

Nakashima Ryuu says:

Kaio- What?!

Realquick99 99 says:

Frieda race transformation is so disappointing because of the name and the fact the arms and legs don’t turn purple unless u change it to that color:(…it needs to be tweeked!!!>=[

SubZeroCro says:

Its sad that they didnt make a freeza 100% transformation where they let us make it.

Alpha Titan says:


Kaywynn Jones says:

Actually might switch up and start off with this race instead of namekian,

Nick Nguyen says:

how did you get supernova cooler?

Zolton Auburn says:

Pan OP

Noah Smith says:

Great to see…could they PLEASE fix those damn destructo discs? They seem like absolute garbage, even worse then xenoverse 1. Not hitting at close or even mid range, or even long range except in a blue moon. Even if the guy just sits there.

NiggaDaNinja says:

I think the negative affect for “Go Golden” should be Stamina slowly drains, like after 1 minute 1, 1.5, or 2 bars of stamina should drain. Its not fair that for SSJ ki doesnt regenerate which forces you to use a skills slot for Maximum Charge, for Giant Namek stamina drains, for Purification you turn into fucking Kid Buu, and the NImbus cloud you get a long stick. Theres no negative for the Golden form that Ive noticed

strawberry boy says:

I think the frieza race will be the best this time

The One Above All says:

I hope Sphere of Destruction will be even more awesome!!!

Ian Golden says:

What a great way to get likes

Super Gogeta says:

Gogeta is the best. Also, there’s a bug with that character. He takes way too much damage. It will be patched though.

Dfhjhh Ddjjhdd says:

For the transformations being so bland they should just add an option that allows you to customize what you’re character looks like transformed, like for the frieza race you can make it look however you want so that you can have a final form or customizable saiyan hair. They have all the customizables to do this easy

Ulquiorra Ciffer says:

7:22 “Go~…into the planet!”?

Shay Barratt says:

I’m not sure who I want to chose either saiyen or frieza because I really like the golden form and ss3

Nahual Ulloa says:

So the krillin move is here…

Yusuf Sadat says:

are they gonna have cac vs cac??

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