God of War – E3 2016 Gameplay Trailer | PS4

Here’s the God of War gameplay trailer, which premiered at E3 2016.

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Emanuel Barrias says:


Mich Gree says:

0:54-1:04 me to my mom

PhoenixFIrebird says:

this new Kratos voice sounds pretty awesome the more I see this. not to say TC was bad because he’s the original voice of Kratos but this guy was Teal’c in Stargate SG-1

Macelo Martinelli says:


Supreme being says:

I like that axe he’s got I might take it

BigbossVenom says:

God of War is the only franchise ever that when I bought it on day one I never regreted it

Janoel Miller says:

This game is badass I’m getting this

alevargasro says:

This is epic

Lukas Vojtko says:

Last time i came so early Scalebound was still in development.

CoM Z Kid says:

KRATOS lookin pretty lit

sri harsha says:

ok now.16M views any news ?

xxkillin3mxx says:

i dont wanna play as little atreus though…..i want kratos only

Federico Welsk says:

WTF is this guy doing playing to be a viking? Sony must be desperate…

Vladimir Trump says:

I feel like this game is most similar to Skyrim than God of War 😛

Blu WTC says:

I can’t stop watching this.

Michael alexandre de jesus souza says:


900000000 0000 views says:

Beast this game comes out on the month of my birthday

TailsBit says:

Videos like this remind me of why being a gamer is awesome.

Kevin G. says:

I don’t get it? Kratos has a kid now, how did the kid’s mother not die mid-conception at the hands of this demi-god?

Ajit Pandey says:

jesus is in danger

Петр Трифонов says:

Sir? Yes, sir? Now i’ve got it! He shout on his son, because Kratos worry they late primeval scandinavian five o’clock.

miguel ramirez says:


Azure_Rohan97 says:

Shouldn’t his son be mixed? let’s not forget Kratos is black?

Anack says:

At 5:20 there is something blue on the horizon behind the forest

Fatima Flores says:

el hacha de cartón tiene los 4 elementos agua tierra fuego y aire

ismail çetin says:

pc comeings

Anack says:

É impressão minha ou nos 3:54 tem varias cores no meio das nuvens?

Optimus Prime says:

“Don’t be sorry, be better.” Best parenting line ever!

Владимир Сысенко says:

блэт хочу здесь и сейчас(*O*)

Devin Hansen says:

God of War taught me everything I know about Greek mythology, now it shall teach me about Norse mythology!

GWGThePlayer says:

is not the same Kratos, like in 1,2,,3 and assencion :/

mrdejavu101 says:

Is this canon?

fucked up channel says:


Dilan Joel Recalde Tobar says:

vacano es el juego

Lewis Heppinstall says:

too bad to know its not going to be as good as this as it is an E3 trailer ;(

Maxi Castellini says:

The last of War

Fabiano Alfredo says:

algum BR está vendo esse vídeo dá um like

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