GIANT RACE REMATCH! vs KEYIN!! (Hello Neighbor Alpha 3 / Hello Neighbour Gameplay)

Today we are here with a new game called Hello Neighbor (Or hello neighbour for some). We are back again today to race! Today we will crush keyin again!.. This time without cheating….

Kindly Keyin:

Hello Neighbor is a Stealth Horror Game
about sneaking into your neighbor’s house.
You move into a brand new suburb and notice your neighbor is hiding something in his basement. The only logical thing to do is to break into his house and figure out what he’s hiding.

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MrJimmyMan says:

What’s wrong with kenyins screen?

RollerConnor Gaming says:

why is Keyin’s screen zoomed out

Andreea Câmpean says:

I don’t know why but his voice reminds me of Google translate.

charizard gamer says:

hey 8bitninja a watch to vids every day

The Illuminatis says:

first again

JJ TWB says:

Please sub me and I’ll play hello neighbor too!

Dominic Lessard says:

A bit a found the rest the QR code you know the room with the elevator flip the switch and run back as fast as u can then break the window on ur right then then jump on the train tracks and there’s a balcony jump on to it and look through the door and then u see it done ur welcome

TheDankSanta says:

I Subbed and can you pinn this comment?? XD

Krzysiek F says:

8 bit ninja hello neighbor alpha 1 is 666mb…weird

The Wolverine says:

He trys to get a running start to make the jump. That’s his downfall.

skpacman says:

Thanks for the fix and re-upload. Much better 🙂

hayden shatto says:

I am speechless

Potato22 says:

Why is keyin’s game window is so small? not fullscreen?


is it just me or am i hearing children cries at the end.. 10.53

Iron Coffee says:

From what I’ve seen you’ve been too afraid to post content other than hello neighbour 8bit. Don’t do that, post other games too, don’t kill your channel. Vids of other games might not do as well as hello neighbour and might cause you to lose some subs but it’s better than a dead channel. What if hello neighbour’s over, what then?

Fnaf SL Ennard Sl says:

I hate you

Slender Stabber says:

Why is Keyin’s screen so small when you switch to him?

Waifumi says:

Honestly if i could, i’d eat all the neighbor’s food before breaking into the basement.

PouplerMMOS says:

If you are reading this, have a great day and I hope you can find a lot more secrets and again, have a awesome day!!!!

DanXGaming says:

Love your vids

IRAQ MonEsTr says:


Kindly Keyin says:


frankile touze says:

Leave the stupid chair omg

Атанас Христов says:

Stop with the stupid chair! Jump like Keyin

DanXGaming says:


Lannew Gaming says:

Oh yeah, idk if you knew this ninja, but there is the top half of a QR code in the house. You have to like glitch through a wall but you can see it. I’m pretty sure it goes with the bottom half of a QR code that is in the ending room.

Jazzy Apple says:

glapple or book. u decide

King Gaming says:

it does not show keyin’s screen

GamerzProz™ says:

Who was here since he has 43k subs?

Artix says:

How about you make some actual content, lmao. It’s been like, a week

James Aitken says:


GTXBoXeRZz says:

3rd like

Max Russell says:


The Blue Pig - Roblox and More! says:


David The Hamster says:


Ryu ;% says:

why are you running before the jump? :c just stand on the edge bro

rooty man's channel says:

There are way too many adds

BKB 10 says:

top using the chair to jump it! you can just do it by going to the edge and jumping

Dr.GirlKing says:

neighbor got mad hops when he went up the stairs

MrTradingCavalos says:

keyins screen is small

xxKira The Darkness says:

9:32 keyin threw the keycard at the window

Alexander Tanto Harvana says:

Can you play multiplayer???

James Aitken says:

i dont no

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