Gears of War 4 Multiplayer Gameplay – Arms Race New Game Mode on Relic! (Xbox One Gameplay)

Gears of War 4 Multiplayer Gameplay Arms Race Gameplay on Relic Map!
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Gears of War 4 is releasing October 11th 2016 on Xbox One with a Gears of War 4 Ultimate Edition Early Access releasing October 7th 2016. Here is some Gears of War 4 Arms Race Gameplay showcasing the Gears of War 4 Arms Race New Game Mode for Multiplayer!

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●Intro by Monsty –

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– Shadowz

Video upload by SASxSH4DOWZ (Shadowz Gears of War)

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Acrid Equinox says:

everybody prepare yourselves to get destroyed !)

ACtheChamp says:

when they didnt revive the guy right next to them is when i stopped watching holy shit they are bad

Mister WiseOwl says:

Ha! Major Nelson is the only “celebrity” like person I know of in this gameplay.

Silly Siji says:

have you ever seen a round start this long without a kill? no never. For the first time viewing and playing of the new game lol dumb.

DS x Reactions says:

Could they have any worse people playing?

Tech I/O says:

Cool new mode, whoever is running the ghost cam does a horrible job though, I would prefer if it cycled between players in the view that they see, it’s hard to even tell what’s going on half the time.

PhantomRaider100 says:

What’s the name for the semi automatic rifle with the green paint job?

Jack M says:

do y’all want my operation dlc code

omar aguirre says:

Who ever was controlling the ghost camera sucks dick.

I'm Moose says:

Anyone down to play Gears 4 when it comes out? Gt is Good Ol Yak

Captain Trump says:

The microphone is not very good

EjayyP says:

nobody wants to see these shitty overhead gay live commentaries ohhh shit headshot! we want to see first person gameplay so we can see graphics movement and gun use

Arfiandy Noorrahman says:

why so laggy ??

Apollo Alexandre says:

This isn’t Gears anymore!

TrollerOfWar says:

I’m gonna rape you all on this.

K A N 7 U S

Zack Bell says:

wow. be better if they had people with real skill playing the game for a video like that. and the announcers had no idea what he was talking about most of the time. could barely speak the obvious lol. xD

Franky V says:

i never understand why they choose shitty players to showcase the game..

bloodandgore lol says:

omg! can’t wait! just pre ordered

Truth Yahweh says:

Epic needs to remake Gears 2 ASAP

Dozakun says:

Am I watching pro players compete? These guys play like my left nut.

Christian Palacios says:

So after jax died he left soa and trained his daughter, nice.

Ronald Stanley says:

bad gameplay, you download and upload with your intro ? … bad decision

Phil Smith says:

Who’s getting the Ultimate Edition? Let’s play on Oct 7th! GT: CornedBeefThief

amazingdany says:

*Oops, I thought the buzzsaw gun followed the Boltok. So no buzzsaw and no Scorcher…*

michael bastani says:

This game looks like garbage. Worst graphics than UE, movement looks retarded, all the bad guys are the same, guns are op. Can’t believe this is the future of gow…

Faisal Aziz says:

Fuck u

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