Gears of War 4 – Arms Race Multiplayer Gameplay on Reclaimed! (PAX West 2016)

Gears of War 4 Arms Race Gameplay on Reclaimed at PAX West 2016! I hope you all enjoy! Please be sure to drop a LIKE! Thanks for watching!

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RichDawg91 says:

if they good gears players playing, that match might have ended in 5 min instead of almost 14

Cray Ze says:

The commentators are fucking annoying

I Spirit I Ho says:

Hate the follow cam for its lack of intensity already

ImDaveGaming - DvL Streamer says:

This is the game mode im most excited for. Im sad thats its not an FFA type though 🙁

MrSurprise 22 says:

Don’t think 4 will be better than 3 from the gameplay

Elijah Herrera says:

a team gun game this looks fun

mr ugly says:

I didn’t know that the marks a was in this game

elektron117 says:

major nelson, headshot across the map

Angel Garcia says:

6:14 And here it is… everyone’s favorite weapon the Retro Lancer! 😀

David AE Levy says:

OMG Sadco push! lol damn


This game type looks so fun.

Mr. NumbKnob says:


Zack F says:

I love the map but the game mode doesn’t seem too interesting

John Smith says:

these weapons sound so dirty. I’m so ready to own people in this game

Des Seals says:

looks great. hope tons of ppl play this mode

Footballazz says:

This was so boring/uneventful…..Falloutt with his fake “excitement” is just making it worse because I know he’s bullshitting

Another disappointing Gears game….what’s new right?

TechoXero says:

I’m getting a “Master of Arms” vibe from this game mode in the sense that no one’s going to play this mode.

Alex Marquez says:

They suck

Perfectionist says:


IDeadWork says:

I heard major nelsons a beast….just not in gears.

Dildo Faggins says:

Why did they make the Boltok shit, that pistol was my boy in Gears 3 now it’s turned to shit in this game now with all round high ROF now with the shitty bloom and recoil.

Thomi Revilla says:

They play so NOOB.

Djthegamer988 says:

This is the only gametype that I won’t mind having my kills stolen. I’m still not gonna steal kills tho because I’m not a faggot.

Luke Kelley says:

God I’m so hyped

Rass Vader says:

shit, I wanna play this!

TELEthruVOXx says:

That map looks like it would be good

popcorn20995351 says:

let the people play the game. why they let these fake gamers play.

TheRedSheep 17 says:

I didn’t know it was for the game. Some stuff like master at arms on judgement that looked like a game mode. but nope it was a VIP thing only

oxenpoxen says:


skyeler k says:

were you born in 2006?

Daniel Leyva says:



I really wish the announcers would shut up. Jeez they freak out every time someone gets a kill

Nick Bertoni says:

Graphics seem like they have improved

drtm17 Æ says:

Really? The boltok is the last weapon? Too easy. They should have you spawn with empty lancers. >:3

David Sheehan says:

Game mode looks fun but I wish they’d gotten goldglove & co for the demo like they did for horde. The terrible movement of these players was a genuine distraction

Jason Labbé says:

gonna play story mode. multiplayer suck dick in that game

Kushie Monster says:

Man I wish we could play in this third person view

Mr. Anderson says:

Bunch of campy bitches in this match

Saucy Life says:

Just curious, but how are you able to upload this? Do you just not monetize it?

Leon Epps says:

landan good looks on sending that invite that night during the live stream “CAM B OWEN”.. for some reason I couldn’t join.

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