Gears of War 4 – Arms Race Gameplay

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Savior roker says:


Bryan Zachery says:

Can’t wait to play this game omg lol. Also can’t wait for Mafia 3 and WWE 2k17. Hell yes

maikai196 says:

Damn, that round 1 comeback was so close.

Lord Fouki Bouki says:

these graphics are crazy compared from what i seen in the beta

GsQ Helios says:

Ayyy sexy bunny

Dogus Kankal says:

Any1 wanna play with me?
IP 3 R IF 3 C T

IDeadWork says:

Not interested in this game mode looks frustrating lol

Evan Smith says:

Gears 4 is gonna be so competitive when it releases and probably most of the year going into 2017. So hardcore the experienced Gears vets are going to be so thrilled☝

Lewieo says:

lol , i said to myself are they trying to tap into the call of duty market or something ? change is good but it seems like they are trying to go mainstream shooter overall vs the true gears of war feeling

Andy Medina says:

kill stealing is gonna be a problem for me

Weston Perry says:

nothing is going on
stop asking

MyPenguinsFly says:

It’s so nice to see gameplay from someone who is good!

Brim Fyshin says:

That gun after the dropshot looks dumb as hell…what is that?

FrOzEnGiRl Official says:

Nice 🙂

Bryan Zachery says:

9:23 – 9:24 Nice shot

Andy Medina says:

great video tho

David Farfan says:

Is it just me or is the Lancer really powerful?

RedKnight says:


brucenbrooklyn says:

God I think I was in 8th grade when gears 3 came out and I was so pumped and I took the day off from school. Now I’m a freshman in college and im just as pumped as I was when gears 3 dropped. I think I will take a day off of class for this game. Maybe stream it on twitch

Andy Medina says:

I hate when scrubs steal my kills

T'was an old username and I'll change it soon. says:

Can you use meatshields if you’re only allowed to use one weapon?

WubCurl says:

why no buzzkill on this mode ?

amazingdany says:

Incredible mode.

Bryan Zachery says:

3. Torque Bow
2. Retro Lancer
1. Lancer (Best weapon)

Steve smith says:

can anyone tell me if spotting is back?


Can’t wait till October 7 got the collectors edition!! That hammerburst looks cool. Sweet there’s not just one round in the match? It’s the best of three?

Marcus Wellz says:

this might be a dumb question but how are you playing the game before its release?

Ethan Allen says:

boltok is bae gun

Ernesto Colon says:

intense fire fight

bigman2519 says:

I’m very new to gears multiplayer. I used to play a lot of horse with friends on gow3 and did play a bit on number 2. Should I get this one?

Chin-chin says:

Cant wait to play multiplayer and have a shitty expirience because the everyone hates australian internet.

NeckbeardOutlaw says:

Hopefully we’ll get free for all arms race as well.

nonameguy96 says:

cole train runs on whole grain

Alejandro Alvarez says:

+Howard Leroy mira lo que me encontre, puesto que no he visto un video de este modo de juego en tu canal, pense en compartirtelo

Fives says:

yo, this is dope as fuuck

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