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*** New Episodes Now Every Friday ***
“Games 2 Gainz” is a weekly video series that documents the Muscle Building journey of Kerby, a 132 pound Gamer, that is looking to put on his first 20 pounds of muscle, under the guidance of Fitness Expert James Grage.

WATCH FULL Episodes of “Games 2 Gainz”
Episode 1: 135lb Gamer to Bodybuilding Gainz

Episode 2: Squat ’til you Puke!

Episode 3: Week One Aftermath!

Episode 4: Crushing Kerby

Episode 5: Karate Kerby

Episode 6: Games and Birthday Gainz

Episode 7: 1-Month Gains!

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Mohammed Bin Opata says:

Heaps of love from New Zealand! I finally got my chest activated through your videos!!

Nick B says:

bumped into your channel.. glad I did. how can I motivate and educate and inspire others like you do?

yk2004 says:

where’s episode 8???

Marlon Hernandez says:

On to the 2nd month!!! Still following the transformation.

Dave Kershaw says:

You have literally got the best mentor to have

Scott Malcolm says:

Great coaching series, I am using these videos as my inspirational motivation for a full body transformation. I am leaner and have lost 8 lbs. since I started on August 29th. Follow the plan, believe in yourself and you too can make the change!!!

Jeoffrey Velasco says:

I feel like this could be a hit TV Series.

G Hellemeany says:

Such a good series. Me and all the guys in the shop stop our work day to watch this every week. Hands down inspiring and awesome.

Scott Mcdermid says:

Awesome totally awesome.
Love your videos, once my collarbone heals I’m going to do your advanced training workout.
Keep it coming, best of you tube fitness!!!

Nick Everton says:

These video’s are fantastic! Keep them up, well done to Kirby for sticking to this. True Inspiration to us all!

Do you know when you’ll release the Food list you gave him at the start?

Matthew McNulty says:

You got any more of them Kerby episodes?

doseofreality100 says:

This series could be on TV that’s how stellar it is. I think if James makes this the staple of this channel he’ll be in the millions of subscribers in no time. I came here for the highly informative videos last week and subbed. Then as I caught up this series popped up. SO glad I found this channel. Keep up the stellar work. This is pretty much TV show-esque in its episodic nature. I think this is the kind of content that will make YouTube a major player (as if it isn’t already) in the entertainment industry in the future. Keeping up with Kerby’s progress over, say, a year will be awesome. Then I think James should pick another candidate to do this with….. make it an ongoing series indefinitely. Between “episodes” he of course can continue to upload super informative content…. kind of like he does already. I really think this channel is going places and in a matter of months will be the talk of the YouTube fitness community. By next summer I bet most fitness YouTubers will be raving about how awesome this channel is and we’ll be seeing a ton of YouTuber cameos. THIS is a top tier fitness channel on this site. Congrats to James and his team.

That said…. I think Jim should do a 10-15 minute video detailing HIS story. It’s incredible. There are videos on youtube, mainly james’ other channel BPI Sports, that gloss over his story but nothing dedicated to solely his story. It’s pure motivation. I suggest googling “James Grage Accident” and prepare yourself to be inspired. Here’s one of the articles I read about it from Bodybuilding.com’s site. The first picture in the article is of his car….. how the fuck did he survive that? http://www.bodybuilding.com/fun/fate-fitness-and-fortitude-the-james-grage-story.html

Next time you don’t think you can pump out a few more reps or run another 5 minutes because of “pain” imagine what 2 broken femurs and having your legs snapped behind your head feels like….. THAT is pain. Whenever I am feeling lazy I think of this “no excuses” story that is James’ life and I get my ass off the couch and in my gym clothes and get out the fucking door to do some work. So glad I found this channel. Was looking for solid time killer content to watch during my lunch break….. got a lot more than that I think with this channel.

mitta smith says:

best serie on youtube motivates me every day to work out even harder!

Yaman Sharma says:

James you are a motivation , never watched any tv series or something but this is what i donot want to miss , and following your routines and yes i feel the burn m/

Chris Laboo says:

This series is awesome! It has taught me so much! super proud of Kerby for all of his progress, and I can’t wait to see more

landsolo says:

Love this show!
In a different situation physically , but it is inspiring me to get serious about my fitness again.

Bobby Smith says:

This is a true testament that when you live out what you preach, people will see it and be drawn to it!

Coy Gilbert says:

Damn good series!!!! #KERBYGAINZ

Nikola Maric says:

James Grage you are a wonderful man, keep up the good work, God bless you:)

amo hus says:

How can I build hand muscles , and forearm muscles .
I appreciate your videos and your help

geko522 says:

this should be on Netflix, I find myself waning to see more. it’s awesome to see Kirby grow. wish I had this opportunity when I was 18. You can tell Kirby really looks up to you. I’m in West Palm Beach, I might have to take a trip down to check out the place. I’ll call first. lol!

MrDookieness says:

wow…..he gave this kid a chance I always thought people in his line would never do to guide someone from scratch…. man I wish I had a mentor like him, just to give me a opportunity of a life changing experience

Joseph Wilson says:

James! I look forward to these videos and it’s a great thing your doing for Kirby also I’ve been using your other videos for my person gains. I’m 48 and I’ve put on 17 lbs since Father’s Day. Thx and please keep it up.

Last Chance Gym says:

Im lovin it! Kerby you got this stud!

Andre Cohen says:

Your journey alone is enough to inspire others, keep it up James…….big props!!!!

project962 says:

I’ve pushed myself harder in the last four weeks since i found your channel than I ever have before. That Mind Muscle connection and your “recruitment sets” are a total game changer for me! Thank you for being a positive motivator and the best virtual workout partner! Keep up the great work!!

Christian Nuñez says:

This will be an awesome series…

Watson Estates says:

My younger brother and I have been following this and trying to keep up. He has put on over 20 lbs just this Summer and we watch these videos together every week. Very inspiring and changing kids lives. Keep it up. His name is John if wanna follow on Instagram @realtorbradley

Jonathan Toraldo says:

Such a great series, James and Kerby! I´m eager to see more!!


Best fitness series on You Tube. #Kerbygainz

Casey Sampson says:

the push up part of the video makes me teary eyed and makes me want to go work out again even tho i just finished

Kim møller wright says:

Love everything about this, and everyone in this! im the size of Kerby and trying to do the same – these videos are the best motivation ever!! keep up the good work, both of you!!

Jerry says:

Best series on YouTube

Bambii Vlogss says:

James I wanna see a new video!

Fazal Patiwala says:

your videos are definitely helpful and keep it up.

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