Frozen Post Apocalypse Survival City Builder | Frostpunk Gameplay Part 1 (Full Game Preview)

Frostpunk Gameplay w/ Falcon. Let’s Play FROSTPUNK, a civilization colony building survival game from the developers of This War of Mine!

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Frostpunk is the first game of society survival. In an ultimately frozen world, people develop steam-powered technology to oppose the overwhelming cold. The civilization ruler has to manage both the inhabitants and the infrastracture the citizens live in.

Frostpunk release date is April 24. This is a full game preview. In episode 1 of Frostpunk let’s play, Frozen Post Apocalypse Survival City Builder Game

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Starbuck says:

Thanks Falkoon! Please please please make it a series. It is well worth it.

Elmir Macić says:

Do more falcon

MOUNTAIN 金太郎 says:


The prophet Of the pasta gods says:

I kindly request that you make it a series

Pop Tart says:

Series sir

Delta-6 AP says:

More plz

Allejandro Rojas says:

neato. kinda sucks it isnt the full build this time. nice to see a bit more of this game though, seems real interesting.

Pan Wiedźmin Polski Inkwizytor says:

You like poland games?

Leon77768 says:

You like playing I like watching win win

Dark Sektusss says:

Looking at person outside the city, he works in hunter’s hut, I wonder what is he doing there… Are you serious?

Rambo Turkey says:

dont put spaces between buildings

le kid de l'internet says:

I want more episodes

chryssjan santos says:

good game make this a series!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

wierdsquirrelgirl says:

I would love to see a full series of this.

Ps. If you get some materials back from destroying a building, then it might be worth it to just replace the tents with houses once you get them unlocked. It would cost you resources, but you will save that in coal for the future with less rings needing warmth. Just a thought.

Radical Tomato says:


Pawan Khurdi says:

Make children cook food it’s much safe and easy job then scavenging wood

Kokalovedo Theo says:

Love it, plz do more of it

dragon unite says:

Series please falcon

Dima Shinder says:

That misaligned tent is driving me crazy

04deathscythe says:

make it into a series when it releases 🙂

Mo Soto says:

Can your vids be eternal? I love this game plays ♡

destaufan hellyanto says:

Interesting game… play more please

Haider Raheem says:

Nigga we want more

SentinalhMC says:

I can’t wait for this game to release. I’ve also been looking forward to it forever.

Ben Skingsley says:

Can you do a vid on farm manger 2018

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