Frostpunk Full Campaign Gameplay / Let’s Play – EP 1 (City Building Survival Strategy Game 2018)

Frostpunk is a City Building Survival Strategy Game due for release 24th April 2018

In an ultimately frozen world, people develop steam-powered technology to oppose the overwhelming cold. The city ruler has to manage both the inhabitants and the infrastracture the citizens live in. Leader’s tactical skills face challenges, frequently questioning morality and the basic foundation of what we consider an organized society. Here optimization and resource management often clash with empathy and thoughtful decision-making. While city and society management consume most of the ruler’s time, at some point exploration of outside world is necessary to understand its history and present state.

What decisions will you make so the society can survive? What will you do when pushed to the limits?

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Muppetlord says:

So refreshing to see someone who actually knows how to play the game. Absolutely infuriating watching other Youtubers who can’t figure out why everyone is sick and dying when literally half their people have no homes… Thanks Skye!

LuckyOwl says:

It’s nice to watch your videos again and now that you made first few episodes you have to continue till the end, no 3 week break in the middle of series 😀

Major's Sim World says:

Glad you’re back skye.

TechyMark says:

You know I’m excited for this game, and you playing it mostly, when I like the video before it even starts from loading. I’m sure it’s a good video. I’ll start watching it now because I commented before watching it too. 😀

Nerdy Old Gamer says:

Really happy to have you back Skye, was getting worried about you! also I missed your videos a lot

Amanda Glace says:

I was looking around for a Frostpunk playthrough, and clicked on this video, not even knowing who the YouTuber was. Then of course the “SKYE PLAYS” popped up, and got excited. You are back! Thank you for playing this, I had found you through your Surviving Mars series, and your videos are very entertaining.

TenaciousViking says:

Looks like an interesting game. Thanks for the gameplay.

David Beppler says:

Was watching Quill before this, you two went completely different directions. He was struggling the whole time. You just breezed through. Well played sir.

Sakartveloss says:

Welcome back skye!

Rob Bleeker says:

25:50… You are looking for a place for your saw mill but what I think is… The game is already suggesting a place for you… Have you not noticed the site, a bit to the centre-right ??? I also noticed this to the bottom.

The Spark says:

Is it just me or does the game feel extremely basic in it´s approach to things?

yannick vuagnoux says:

nice to see you back on this game, good job

Rob Bleeker says:

What happened to your EPEC series ?

Joan Z says:

He’s Baaaaaack!! Good to see you’re back, Skye!

AzraelArchontus says:

Just found your channel. Not only do you plan you city, you even think ahead, and read tool tips?!
Normally watching people play strategy games is a pain but you were rather refreshing. 😀

navid alvee says:

Happy to see you back

Demathias says:

How much do you think it’ll cost? Closer to “This War Of Mine”?

Jon Rob says:

Where did he go? Skye, you always do this when you disappear for a month and we are all like WTF!?? Glad to see you back!

Rob Bleeker says:

You have the advantage that you already had the change playing this game in the pre-release (demo) state.. You already have the experience, which goes to show in the way you are starting your new project… It would be interesting to see what will happen AFTER the duration the DEMO lasts for…

phideltman191 says:

Don’t ever leave us again!

Rel1369 says:

Oh! You’re back…. but I still havn’t finished the original banished (only one to go), I’m sure it i’ll keep.

Doug Roberts says:

This is what happens when you put Hillary in as president. The worlds all f”d up.

spikelilgirl says:

Looks good.

Chris Colquhoun says:

Awesome sauce.

Gauthier Duhamel says:

Yeaaah welcome back skye

Thomas Kunz says:

Thats the best FrostPunk start I have seen in all the playthroughts I watched! Faster gathering is a tech to be researched very early on. You know what you do.

prosteLea says:

So happy to see you back, but I’m begging for the Subnautica ending, the game’s story has been bugging me for over a month now!

phil Jt says:

Welcome back, been binge watching your od Tropico 5 stuff till you returned

Mark Chamberlain says:

Welcome back Skye

Nick Christie says:

Thrilled to have you back healthy and happy :). I was worried when you didn’t go child labor, but they really buffed safe children and also offer so many new groups, that it’s a real positive to get huge Hope Bonus. P.S> You know we all watch these twice. Great job.

Taek Oh says:

Please play other more strategy, building games! :)) I like your channel so I always come to check but It’s always surviving mars lol which has a quite mixed review after release. Anyhow it was really fun to watch you playing Frostpunk! Can’t wait for the release.

GiJo S. says:

I’m so glad that you are back <3 missed your videos
So happy to watch them now <3

Ragd0ll says:

Great game, great YouTuber, coffee in the pot… am I in heaven?

Pyrphoros says:

21:54 And you know what – -40°C equals -40°F.
Its fucking cold on every scale.

Patrick Guerrero says:

Glad to have you back.

Kelley Vinal says:

woot, glad to see you are making a new series

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