FRIDAY THE 13TH GAME Gameplay Jason Voorhees Kills Trailer

FRIDAY THE 13TH GAME Gameplay Jason Voorhees Kills Gameplay Trailer (PS4/Xbox one/PC)

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Константин Полищук says:

ты дибил полнейший

frederic fel says:

trop cool ta vidéos

kenneth wilkinson says:


Dante Tu Papa Oyte says:

es muy cool

Lisa l says:


Ruben DeLeon says:

Is this game out already? Holy shit!

Jason Voorhees says:


alaskaboy 21 says:

People need to stop complaining about the campers not dodging. They didn’t dodge because only the main character can do that in these situations

male chara says:


Jet Sidhu says:

Time to die I want Friday the 13th game now

Isaac Rodriguez says:

The campers are flippin stupid! They know there’s a serial killer that lives in a shack next to the camp,yet they still go. Also why haven’t they shut down the camp!? I love Jason Voorhees,but for real! “There’s an undead murderer next to my camp that’s murdered hundreds of campers,but I’m gonna keep it open.” The owner is real smart ain’t he?

Predator Gamer says:

i love jasons sleeping bag kill from part 7

Horror Movie Fan says:

Jason would never kill peolple like that.He kills with creativity.Like putting a girls head in liquid nitrogen and bashing her head in the counter in jasonX.Even the picaxe he uses is in the secound one and the pitch fork is to.He wouldent kill peolple that bad.

luiz fenando ienke says:

jogo bosta igual a pessoa q o inventou doente mental

Big GoGo says:

i got the game on Xbox 1

Jose Rodriguez says:

can you play it on phones

Sebita Astudillo says:

y. que bavan mi nieto

AzuritePug says:

In my opinion, the fire poker down the throat is the worst. Ir it’s just begins the crotch chopping. Not going to play the game, but it will be entertaining to watch when the full release comes out. The beta was very promising!

Isaiah the lion says:

curb stomp!!!!!!!!!!

dexter 1997 says:


HeAlsoKnifes says:

Violent… Just the way I like it…

Jet Sidhu says:

Say goodbye

Henry Macmilan says:

music pls

invisible lamp says:

it’s 1:00 am it’s pitch black in my room oh and it’s Friday the 13th and I have 18 percent battery

LogicallyP Pr1m1t1v3 Scr3wHe4D says:

Bad fucking ass.

Emiliano Reyes says:


Little Mario says:

Most of these characters aren’t even alt skins.

Jesse Corpus says:

why would I even watch this

hunger 101 says:

I love jason voorhees

kirillgta says:

Song from video: Crazy Lixx – XIII

Chris Sonny says:

While I do appreciate the game as a hide and seek play style. It doesn’t give Jason a proper welcome. the lack of camera effects and cartoonish gore is somewhat lazy. Perhaps the developers should reference the gore technology of Mortal Kombat X. Even Manhunt has all those elements to dramatise the kills.
I mean how could they expect anyone would pay for something that doesn’t exceed what is out there and did not even bother to properly selling what the original movies were selling. Which is brutal kills and gore.
The killing styles allows player to choose between the environmental kills or weapon kills. That is good but the killing experiences were a bit dull. I think if the player allowed to execute the killing with multiple wounds with multiple weapons it would make the experience more interesting. And playing as Jason, I think it would be great to let players to trophy around make the victims panic.
Anyways I think this game is not worth our time. And hoping someone would step up to make a better game for our iconic killer from the 80s movies

André VÍDEO LEGAL Vitorino VENO says:


Dries Oudhuizen says:

kill those son of a bitch’s hell yeay thats what ya get if you puched jason as boy in the deep cold WATER!

Dat Hua says:

1:39 Jesus christ that really really fucking hurt

足立徹 says:

Can’t wait for this to go on the news for games creating serial killers.

Frisk undertale BR I says:

Holly shit

Ramen King says:

they need to make a nightmare on elm street game or a freddy vs jason game

Константин Полищук says:

ты дибил полнейший

Друманин Дрин says:


Jet Sidhu says:

Eat my sword

Random Kidd says:

Janson kills everyone

Elodia Vargas Perez says:


alvaro Tanure Do Amaral says:

Muito legal

Matt Schwartz says:

2:31 owchie! jason wtf i thought we teamed!(the average noobs say)

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