Free to Play FPS – Quake Champions GAMEPLAY PREVIEW (Trailer, eSports, Beta)

A look at the NEW Free to Play FPS called Quake Champions, a competitive FPS by id Software and published by Bethesda Softworks. Talking about the addition of champions, the free to play model, eSports, the beta period and possibly a release date!

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Thorin’s Thoughts – Quake Can’t Be Number One Again (Quake)


Moha ™ says:

awesome bro nice clip #UCD

Warau says:

I always saw this play on Sunday in a Chinese restaurant when i was a kid i didn’t know the game but yeah it look fun i had no idea what it was but i knew it was a game.

redragorflag says:

5:43 ???

Zorrio says:


The Lazy Lions Den says:

They lost me at ”champions” .. healing? Seriously.. fk off.. Please go back to basics! Quake is meant to be vanilla in a sense of you had your guns and your skill with said gun… rest was talent an twitch reflex. I sincerely hope they at least give us an option to play matches with champion skills disabled, for nostalgic reasons if anything. /sadpanda

FRealityProductions says:

great video.

Gunmetal Panda says:

Yeah, I dont mind champions having unique abilities which affect how they are played, like teleports, charges ect…makes you have to adjust to whomever your facing. That said….A champion that can heal itself and others? Fuck off.

Richard Chum says:

To the graphics to me it reminds me of Doom 4 graphics with the gore.

TM Sniper says:

do u play warface?

TTR Crew says:

“remaking quake 4 would be a dream come true for the old guard”
uhh if we wanted a quake remake, we want it to be quake 3 not quake 4. you dun goofed on the shittiest quake

ghost says:

Never played the 1st games but I don’t see the hate for abilities. Whats the harm in adding strategic play/depth? in addition to aiming skill?

netoraar says:

I just want the champion that gives air control so it’s like playing cpma/reflex/warsow

Grzy Ruth says:

liked and subscribed, very good video

RB Newell says:

Fuck the team play, 1 v 1 duels is true Quake

PsychoUnicorn says:

I Love it!

minhhai kim says:

Looks sweet

RB Newell says:

Nyx already looks like the best character. Invisibility and wall jump is gonna rape in duels.

Kurtis Horvath says:

I’m saying right now, SKILLS passive/active skills will not fit into the game… Very bad idea.

Clorox Bleach Original says:

So if all these low graphic games are remastered in 2017 and look beautiful remastered imagine what they can do with more modern games

NorthWest Gaming says:

“ID pioneered fps esports gaming in the early 2000s” ??

ID pioneered FPS full stop.. they created the genre..

blackhead27 says:

issa quake

MalBoYover9000 says:

cant you unlock a champion permanent just by playing? if not i most likely not gonna play this.

jimrodneym says:

I wish they’d make the lightning gun like the original: high damage fast ammo usage + kinetic *push* vs opponent….

Dub Nation says:

Any Old School Quake Live Fans back when it was free

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