Foundation – (Medieval City Building Game)

Foundation on Steam:
Foundation is a grid-less, sprawling medieval city building simulation with a heavy focus on organic development and monument creation.

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Michael Burke says:

I like how u drew a penis at like 11 min in and said nothing lol

Dmitriy Romanov says:

13:33 artifacts.. :'(

Dangerous Cute says:

So far so good can’t wait see when comes out and what kind combat there will be

Daniel WolfBane says:

But you don’t put a link in where to find the game everything is about you

John E Stone IV says:

Looks pretty good. I like these kinds of games. I played Banished to death.

Carsten Eilers says:

Wow 13:34 i thought my Computer broke Phew!

SangoProductions213 says:

looks cool.

Kaloian Mitrev says:

Yet another kickstarter that will get money and get abandoned …nope i will buy it after finished

NaS BrainDeaD says:

I’m so jaleous 🙂

Black Laser says:

it would only be a cool medieval buildign city if U CAN DRAFT ALL MEN AND GO TO WAR

Nahuel Da Luz says:

looks really good,not worth $40 tho

Dovydas Levanavičius says:


Enjoji101 says:

Another game to keep a beady eye on – great stuff, looks really good! Thanks for the playthrough of the alpha, Nook – I hope you decide to play some more of this when it’s fully released 🙂


It looks like their personal dwellings are way out of scale vs the size of the other buildings!

Thomas Gideon says:

If it had fantasy elements, I would be sold.

FifinatorKlon says:

Where is the “Raise the levies” button?

Mikki Yeong says:

your manor looks shitty 😛

Prongs12 says:

Looks interesting.

Anthony L says:

First view

DexterJames says:

Trying to intentionally win a game of rock, paper, scissors is just as hard as trying to win.

Brian Cuddy says:

Why do you talk a million miles an hour. You should slow down a bit an soak up life a bit.

Diovanlestat says:

Settlers + City Skylines = Good Game

Sceptic says:

Jacques and Dominique the french lumberjacks. 😛

QualeQualeson says:

What a strange concept. Instead of simply sharing the food, money magically materializes, and they’re forced to wait and starve until a market is built.

mr kekert says:

12:01 tips touched

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