Foundation – Medieval City Builder [Steam Release]

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Finlander says:

Frist time  had a look in Nice Nookrium I like it .

Lupul Alb says:

Wait … Did this released ?

Oi Oi says:

Its good but banished is better!!!!!!!

Andres Angulo says:

Will you play more of this game?For an alpha it looks quite pretty and nice.Love those roads and how organic it all grows. <3

Eden Winter says:

Just found your channel cool

Mariano says:

“capitalism is freedom. Hey tell that to 95% of americans in crippled debts” A lie obviously i mean the numbers but is interesting how people think the bad things come from capitalism and not the still socialist part of all countries including the most economy free. Also debts has nothing to do with being free or not because no one forces you to ask for money to the bank or anyone, it was your choice. You don’t like capitalism? ok then go live in Venezuela or Cuba, that’s your place. ZERO capitalism there pal.

Blues Clues says:

this reminds me of banished…

Hans Branson says:

You’ve forgotten to put an extraction zone around the iron

Henrik Østergaard says:

At around 2:01:00 you build the wall facing the wrong way, don’t know if its intentional, but the wooden boards are meant to be defensive, so a person on the walls can hide from arrows behind them and shoot back at invaders on the outside of the wall, the way you set it up now its people outside the wall that can walk along it and shoot at the people inside. I guess the workers revolution of the poor have an in with the the city designers of the rich quarters inside the walls!

Edit: 2:07:00 nevermind you noticed!

Finlander says:

I had 163 Nookrium.

blackfang101 says:

I wish i could play this, but i have some major graphical errors that makes it impossible to play because i can’t really see stuff like berry bushes, the sky, any grasslands from certain angles and so on. Only the villagers themselves got proper graphics, even the buildings just look like the surrounding terrain.

Kevin T says:

You never had stone masons, you only had stone cutters. Do stone masons make tools?

Subpar Productions says:

Here I am at 1am, yelling at a streamer I’ve never watched before, at a stream that happened weeks ago that, that he’s not selling planks but buying them!

Andi Barajas says:

Found your channel through Youtube recommendations. SUBSCRIBED. Great job, I hope you do more of this one.

khosrow says:

Have you ever seen a church?

Nookrium says:

Looks like an update just went through today, fixing the trader across the River bug

Larry Lawrence says:

thank you nookster for topical video

Mårten Woxberg says:

43:40 So how long until chat tells him he’s buying planks?

seltin1988 says:

this looks fun! are ther Knight’s and Soldiers too? it would be nice to have a torument ground where the knights could entertain the town!

EvilNecroid says:

not choosing where u start is a huge turn off for me

Mariano says:

Thanks to capitalism for making this game, all the games, steam and computers possible. Many thanks.

Vinyl Rabbit says:

Thanks for the stream Nook. I love this game, I think there might be fighting in the game in the future since you can designate people to be soldiers and you can make a Keep. Looking forward to seeing how this game develops. Too bad I missed the live stream, I am a bit upset that I did, but cant stay up that late very often. I think if you request more tools then the trader has available they wont sell you any try lowering the number of tools you are demanding the issue you were having had nothing to do with the bridge (you will note that there was not path to the bridge after the trader started showing up).

garregalen83 says:

End game? What are walls for? Is there enemies? Solder for what?

Henrique Reis da Rosa says:

Is there any type of combat in this game?

Jones Crimson says:

Peasants: “Eight hours of work, eight hours of rest, and eight hours of what we will.”

King Nook: “Eight hours of work on repeat or it gets the whip, again.”

Tetrapodum says:

I’d say my budget for february is signed 🙂

James Richard says:

Has anyone figured out how to get priests in the churches?

MrDaburks says:

actual communists in the chat lmao. that’s some serious brain damage right there

Frank Saxon says:

Another Goblin Camp clone?

carbZ says:

Buying planks instead of selling them 😀 xD

Kaesar Sm says:

jesus they need to fix that tool thing -_-

土萌螢 says:

This game is very interesting.
(Here can take the beta test key)

Pheonix Sheppard says:

Polish stone, sell it

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