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Alan Kirkham says:

Don’t you need to stockpile your goods for the king?

Rob Bleeker says:

So when a building has one of those white balls, you are able to add different things to it?

Corpsehatch says:

lol that thumbnail. Pyscho next the well is like, “Oooh, yeah, look at the wrist action she has holding that knife. I’d like to go on a murder spree with her and than go behind the warehouse for a good tumble.”

EDIT: Also bought the game from your store.

John Kennington says:

I am sure you figured this out but if you STOCKPILE items it forces the peeps to put the items in the warehouse.

Ruckus says:

“Got any Halle’s?” That made me laugh

PoopSlooper says:

Can you battle in this game too instead of just building stuff?

zifnab says:

I’m so happy to have kickstarted this game, it looks so great. Sometimes risks pay off

Squeezle Prime says:

village name suggestion: Skyechotic! Enjoyed the video!

HeruKane says:

I can’t believe you would sell out Skye. Agreeing to advertise for Skye is horrible. I mean I heard he blasts puppies and kitties to the moon in rockets! And that he steels children’s blankets while laughing.

You are such a sell out!

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Right. That out of the way. Cool stuff man. Looking forward to seeing you play this game again with all its updates and changes. 🙂

Hybban says:

So being French is disturbing ?
#unsub !!!

Just kidding 😛

Rob Bleeker says:

This game is so for you…. …

Skye Storme says:

Skye Storme Official Game Store –
Get 10% OFF Foundation – limited time offer

Carl Johan Rydberg says:

If you have a village full of psychos then Arkham would seem an appropriate name.

Leslie Carver says:

Yes …awesome new stuff here…should develop nicely …Great!

jim pratt says:

still nowhere worth 25 quid lol

CT2507 says:

oh my God, there are Valleys and Mountains now!!! But that’s incredible hypeman!! don’t know if i can quite believe it.

Real Squeal says:

I’ve got the game, assigned the housing area but they aren’t building any houses…. am I missing anything?

hannahalice1000 says:

“I’m gonna follow the instructions”

Who are you and what have you done with Sky?????

goran stojanovic says:

no wonder you missed you built the thing and it was used as decoration hile you being at 3x speed and wasting days

Saif al-Islam says:

Gosh what a beautiful game

tubros says:

Thanks for mentioning that it has a couple of years left until full release. So many people buy EA expecting the full game at once =)

wreckcelsior says:

Wow! The graphics have been spiffed up rather nicely; I used to have to look away whenever you zoomed close on the psycho’s faces… haha. 😉

cheers mate.

Lars-Göran Jansson says:

So pretty!

Shack says:

Looking really impressive. I think that you may have 2 more free territories from earlier quests that you finished.

radcow says:

In the valleys…… but

Frisbee 'n' Cookies says:

Six girls and two guys…well they do say sharing is caring after all.
But is this a harem or a cult I wonder?

undrentide1972 says:

I’m loving this game been playing for a few months now. Love your obvious enthusiasm for the game 🙂

The Rambling Brit says:

Should it not be… Skyechotic?

I’m so sorry, I had to

Nebuhalanezar says:

It gets better and better.

Justin2534 says:

Subscribe to Pewdiepie lol

FastlaneKnight says:

I love how excited you get!!! Please never change Skye, we love you just how you are!!!

david martin-garcia says:

I don’t think it’s your village. That’s keep. I believe its other villages.

Nonnie Palmer says:

I do not think you should have put your well right on top of your village supplies

Cathy Jenkins says:

Love it!

Nonnie Palmer says:

I do not think the game allows the circle plotting any longer … they went back to wide sections and hap hazard house placement

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