Foundation Alpha Early Access Ep 1 – Medieval City Building Strategy Game [Gameplay / Let’s Play]

Foundation (2018) is a grid-less, sprawling medieval city building simulation with a heavy focus on organic development, monument construction and resource management.
The game features in-depth resource management akin to the Anno (Dawn of Discovery) series, expertly mixed with city building elements from Settlers, SimCity, and Pharaoh all topped with narrative encounters inspired by Crusader Kings II to create the ultimate medieval ant-farm simulation.

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Brodie Francis says:

Looks great Skye, keep em coming 🙂

Agin Num says:

It’s amazing that you have not had a key to play Depraved. Anyway, I want to see more! It looks nice.

Xanthaz Xaxalon says:

Skye, is it possible for you to improve the bit rate on your videos? Whenever you move the camera around everything becomes blurry, which is very apparent with 1080p on a 30″ monitor. I noticed this on Frost Punk as well. I don’t know too much about encoding videos, but I think having a variable bit rate with two passes would prevent this from happening. (i.e the bit rate would go up when you are moving the camera around and go down when you are zoomed in close and not much is changing.)

Thanks a lot. Keep streaming! =D

kalamazoo20002002 says:

So glad you’re doing this series. Awesome!

Jake M says:

Maybe they’ll add berry bushes in the future so that it looks a little less like milking ‘shrooms.

Christopher Burkholder says:

Thanks for this Skye. After you posted the KickStarter link, I bought in. I got my Alpha code, and was lost. Newcomers left faster than they came. Having you play a run through means that I can try again, and maybe gain residents as opposed to losing them.

Looking forward to more Tips and Tricks…

Tnarg Tnarg says:

Why do they get berrys from mushrooms?

Mike Ruiger says:

I’m always trying to catch you on twitch! Do you currently use it at all?

Ramon609 says:

I swear the ambiance music is from WoW

detras says:

Looks cool 🙂

Ken Lee says:

make part of the manor’s wall the lake

Kiwi Bird says:

Just wondered why the picture is so grainy, is this happening for anyone else or just me?. Maybe I need a new tablet

Ken Lee says:

Ibuprofen : Critical Need!

Funny Guy says:

Interesting mechanics but the artwork definitely has to grow on you.

Shack says:

The graphics style looks quite weird (but possibly in a good way) and the gameplay definitely seems to have potential.

DERPuty Dog says:

Milking mushroom tips for berries… weird stuff

Mexican Weiss Schnee says:

love this

Rido says:

Remember to get enough iron and coal, you need to build the Steamhub before winter sets in.

Advanced Loiterer says:

I need to watch more before I am sold on this game, so keep them coming.

Da Rat Bastid says:

(“milking the mushrooms”)

G’night, everybody! [/Yakko Warner]

_Barto_Simpsons_ says:

pliz fix the Pixle problem or move to Shadows play.

Lunuria says:

This looks like a good game. I’ll definitely watch more.

RubensWorld says:

Love it, looks like old style settlers game…

dendrien TheStrange says:

Poor Carlos, he’s just miss understood.

Bjorn Radtke says:

You have to stop playing these games Skye… I can’t afford them all. 😉

Addicted Gamer says:

This looks like a fun game, definitely has a Universim feel to it in my opinion

Yourex 4 says:

I does reminds me of Foundation game for amiga in 90’s. Just look it up on yt. I wonder if they borrowed the idea?

Ragd0ll says:

Loving the background music – so calming

Simo TWD says:

The Amish are coming!

Mortessa says:

Carlos/Richard looks like the Abominable Snowman from the traditional Rudolph Christmas movie. I see Animal from the Muppets a little, but moreso the Bumble!

Robin Schuhmacher says:

Is there any sort of campaign experience planned for this? It looks kind of neat and I like the medieval setting, but what put me off Cities Skylines for example was the complete lack of a structured challenge, the lack of a goal to work towards. I don’t like it when a game just parachutes me into the middle of a map and then expects me to make my own entertainment.

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