FOUNDATION – 5 Things that Make a Great Medieval City Builder (PC Alpha Gameplay)

Foundation is a Medieval city builder, coming out in 2019, that takes a unique approach to the planning elements – taking fine control away from the player, it builds a more organic city, sprawling, much like a medieval city would. With complex supply chain management, an interesting system of estates, and a few unique elements up it’s sleeve, Foundation is definitely one to watch.

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Alderick van Klaveren says:

I love this. I have actually been looking for something like this to simulate a D&D city whose history I want to understand better before I present it to my players.

Zolfried says:

so to summarize.. foundation is, if settlers and sim city had a baby.. interesting.. will probably pick this up when they launch it.

Blender3DProjects says:

That water is distractingly awful

Pasan says:

IDK, seems to me a key part of a medieval city builder would be to plan for attackers and raiders. Most medieval cities were built according to their city wall. So im kind of disappointed if that is not a thing. Could be a really simple system of periodically spawning in bandits/raiders/vikings/mongols just to keep you on your toes.

DaThingOnTheDoorstep says:

Looks pretty cool. Too bad I just can’t do city builders, as every time I do, within 30 minutes my city is broke and the citizens are drowning in their own poo water.

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