Forza Horizon 3 – Lambo and Jeep Race Gameplay Gamescom 2016

Forza Horizon 3 at Gamescom 2016. I guess it’s easy to win when you’re being carried by a helicopter.

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CallMeMrX says:


Ashwath Nair says:

FUCK! You guys drive like shit.

Michael Bennett says:

Hype for PC

Elena Carr says:

Looks awesome 🙂 bitter GT fans sounding off below haha

marcus west says:

Same as fh2

Jonah Busch says:

I can’t bring myself to believe it will be fun. I like watching the cars be smashed into pieces when a car flys off the road into a tree but I don’t think that’s gonna happen here.i mean it’s half a simulation game right? So crashing at 150 MPH should be a serious deal lol

420apache657 says:

its the e3 gameplay video all over again, might buy it if the worlds big

None Of your Business says:

im sorry but the person driving that jeep needs a a wheel,and if they are using a wheel and is still driving like that, the ppl at gamescom need to fly me in so i can drive for them geez

Dale Pountney says:

Why is the video in 720p? Wait, does this mean…..

Gibberish Poetry says:

Why must all racing games have clothing store music


What is it with the crappy dance music,this is not racing music,another horizon game that i will be muting the radio.

Immortal Gamer says:

no he should have did the rewind then he could have won

dgamer0011 says:

cannot fucking wait for this

TwistedCrank Gaming says:

Um can this dude not find a Gear or what?? 5th gear at 40mph up hill hahaha put the controller down and walk away you are what pisses me off in a high speed section! wanna see how to go fast check my channel out look for zr1 vs viper and you’ll see how to get through them gears!!! lol

JoeySTRIKE says:

forza once again looking great

Александр Данилов says:

forza is looking like mix of motorstorm pacific rift and race driver grid and that’s very good

kano b says:

I remember the first horizon coming out, I bought an Xbox just for that game. Haven’t played Xbox since then. Looks like I’m gonna do the same thing again lol

Lucho Portuano says:

Why they have to disrespect jeeps like that ?

namor357 says:

Forza, the only racing game you’ll ever need.

Dragens2 says:

wow the cars feel like stone on the road. the bumps did nothing but just touching the cars.


I do love those loading screens

Timothy Butcher says:

Thanks for the new gameplay I’ve been looking for all week Forza.

Tau the bice Gaming says:



Jeep gameplay…

GidDragon says:

Racing games are getting real 🙂 I remember playing the old NFS Porsche on PS1, or even the old NFS III on my Pentium 233 🙂
But I still want to see the rain effects from Drive Club on games like this. It would be over the top!

thevenialwave [NOBED] says:

What’s the song at 0:15?

Joey Johansen says:

bitrate on these videos is crazy low in spots :S Can’t wait for youtube to support something consistently higher so games with first person views with very high motion can actually come across as something more than an occasional pile of pixel mush.

Obamadon says:

Great, same gameplay we’ve already seen 100 times

Hiroheeto says:

720P 30fps???? “Captured on xbox one”… oh

Steward Appiagyei says:

Same as the E3 2016 gameplay, just that in this one they sucked enough to lose that last race against the jeep.

Josh Dion says:


00abadir says:

Imagine if GTA had these graphics

Martin Atyne says:

but, this is gameplay we’ve already seen 2 months ago, did they really bring e3 demo to gamescom?

virxest says:

Same DEMO really? I waited that day for nothing…

Beverly Hills Reviews says:

I see so many games go from ps4 to Xbox. Was wondering if they will ever consider bringing forza to the ps4 as well?

peterjs007 says:


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