Forza Horizon 3 Gameplay Walkthrough Part 10 – RACING A BOAT (Full Game)

Forza Horizon 3 Walkthrough Part 1 – Forza Horizon Xbox One Gameplay also releases on Windows 10 PC – Checking out the full game Intro to End with Commentary Throughout

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You’re in charge
With the new Horizon Blueprint, create and instantly share your own custom race events, championships and Bucket List challenges.

Customise everything
Select your driver character, customise your car, your license plate, even your own car horn sound. Drive to the music you love with eight diverse radio stations, or stream your own music collection.

Hire and fire your friends
Hire friends to star in your festival and win you more fans. If they’re not winning you fans, fire them.

Discover open world racing thrills
Danger sign jumps, convoys, drift zones, and many other thrilling new driving experiences await you.


Massive Panda says:

Hello I just found your channel last night and watched a load of your Forza Motorsport 6 and liked them so I subbed and figured I’d stop in the comments and say hey and keep up the great work

Tony Staples says:

u mean river wood

Luís Felipe saiyajin says:

so race raid.

Leo Kuortti says:

Is this game only for Xbox

sy prince says:

Ill be playing this in aprox 7 hours from sending this message…. brand new, from the start!

Denis Trandafir says:

Try to drive professional

Koblob Plays says:

How do tint water?

Elian Calderon says:

where is batman? nice vid tho

Amadou Ndiaye says:

Forza’s car variety is insane

Kopu Tipoki-Smith says:

you should make longer vids

Sylvain Jamais says:

Slaptrain beating time Scott…

Lisa Robinson says:

I SUBBED!!!! You should make a 1hour specail

Pol lux says:

more fifa

crushUdown says:

isn’t riverrun from game of thrones?

Bentudor4107 Ben says:

Who’s on Xbox 1?

C GOD says:


al to says:

River run game of thrones,love the video keep em coming

Ian Doig says:

great showcase event!

hahgdbshsb hdhgxb says:


Micheal Murphy says:

that backfire sounds so slick +GameRiot

1mawesome Go says:

If your reading this comment their is no forza games for PS4

Kneel4 YurMeal says:

Wait the ultimate edition has all the cars unlocked right?

Mark Njoku says:

About to hit 800,000 subs congrats

Ethan Turner says:

Love ur vids keep up the good work

Ronaldo Roberts says:

isnt the devel sixteen in the game

Jelmer Vandycken says:

do a 50 minutes part again!! 😀


It’s called the twelve apostles because there was used to be twelve

sonic maher says:

i have the trophy truck from a wheelspin

i Futuristic says:

drift round corners more!!!!!!!!!!! it’s so painful seeing you nearly do it then fail 🙁

youcef bezzazi says:

its hilarious…..hhhhh its a koone”g”zeg ….not a koone”n”zeg hhhhh you killed me

DaTank Ltd says:

Hello game riot love your walk through so far my channel is bad at the moment do you know how to make it better

Dean Boyle says:

we wont change the name, there used to be 12 of them but 4 have collapsed due to erosion and what not

Charlie Castillo says:

I want this game but I can’t play because I have the PS4☹️

Shadow Fox says:

What car is he using I’m too lazy to go back thru the video

BanOly says:

Riverrun is Game of Thrones

GOLDENBAS016 says:

your Braking is a dont cringe challenge

JackHeap 11 says:

do a land rover defender off road challenge and more barn finds

John Smith says:

River run is from Game of Thrones btw

C Mo says:

Wow there really is so much to do in this game..

Kebab magister Sedd says:

Ferrari laferrari

mattdobz says:

lol assists in a trophy truck

just coz says:

river run GoT

WolfGangSchumacher85 says:

oh and btw, that ultima you were driving is a real car. it even set the street car lap record around the top gear track.

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