Forza Horizon 3 Full Race Gameplay – E3 2016

Forza Horizon 3 full race gameplay with BMW M4 coupe and a helicopter-suspended jeep.

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PandaTheory says:

Cant wait to play this on PC! Forza 6 Apex ran like a dream

James Mitchell says:

This game gone have a long as install time

SteelAwsm says:

hey! play nicely!

Taylor Brown says:

release date?

NorthGaming says:

Oh Man! I was hoping for cops!

Guilherme Coelho says:

All I wanted was forza horizon for PC … finally!!!

megagtful says:



Also on win10 or?

Máté Borbély says:

I think the Forza Horizon 2 is more colorfull than this.

Potato on Fedora. says:

“Heeeey! Look out! Out of my way! I’ve got 800 horses here and I’m not afraid of using’em!”

sk88boarding says:

i hate it when all channels post the same video and you’re just looking to find something new about forza horizon 3

Don Huan [ENRAGED] says:

NFS & The Crew – farewell forever !!!

Nix 56 says:

does anyone know the song in the end? its freedom something

Konuvis says:

What’s the track during the helicopter race?

Rai Agastya says:

Will there be a TRD Pro Tundra,Tacoma or 4Runner in the game?

Underscorer says:

I’m buying this so I can look at it, cause there is no way my PC can run this stuff.

Angel Rodriguez says:

shelby the best


Xbox exclusive? Then FUCK OFF.

1HyperCube1 says:

7:00 that netting on the left looks way to static

marco bortolotti says:

xbox and ps4?

Sten Malcovich says:

g27 support for PC?

Micheal Shuman says:

barriers. barriers everywhere

Rudolf Seemann says:


Alpollo-00- says:

rip the crew….waited so long for it but in the end i was so disappointed..

Maverick says:

Test Drive Unlimited 3 Oh yeah

Steve plays says:

looks like i need to upgrade my pc again -_-

LeedsCity says:

if they put it on ps4 they would sell twice a much

NorthGaming says:


Marvin Pedro says:

Music at 4:31 is Future Sound Of London – Papua New Guinea. Its a fucking tune.

Fran Sunstar says:

Forza Horizon 3 Song List in this video:

0:04 – Ursine Vulpine – Wicked Game ft Annaca
0:19 – Tkay Maidza – U-Huh (VERY FAINT)
1:07 – CHVRCHES – Clearest Blue
2:48 – Outasight – The Wild Life
4:30 – Future Sound Of London – Papua New Guinea
5:02 – UNKNOWN SONG (Edit: Nero – Two Minds)
5:25 – The Knocks – Tied To You (Ft. Justin Tranter)
8:59 – !!! (Chk Chk Chk) – Freedom! ’15

Eck says:

“Xbox One”
Bitch please. This is on PC too.

ItsMoi Moí says:

are racing games really worth 60 dollars? I think they should be 45 or maybe 50


Miss midnight club

kima king says:

This the best racing arcade I have ever seen.I seriously going get thisSSS!!!

Spendogg 747 says:

This looks breathtaking

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