For Honor NVIDIA Trailer: PC 60 FPS Gameplay (4K)

Take a peek inside the stunning visuals of For Honor on PC. Content captured by Geforce GTX from NVIDIA.

For Honor is available now on Xbox One, PlayStation®4 system, and Windows PC.
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About For Honor:

Carve a path of destruction through the battlefield fighting for guts, glory, and survival in For Honor, a new melee action game developed by Ubisoft Montreal in collaboration with other Ubisoft studios.

Enter the chaos of a raging war as a Knight, Viking, or Samurai, three of the greatest warrior legacies. For Honor is a fast-paced and immersive experience, mixing skill with visceral, never-before-seen melee combat.

The Art of Battle, the game’s innovative control system, puts you in total control of your heroes, each with distinct skills and weapons, as you annihilate all soldiers, archers, and opposing heroes who stand in your way on an intense, believable battleground.

For Honor offers an engaging campaign and thrilling multiplayer. Enjoy the full experience with friends online, in split screen two-player co-op, or solo against AI.

Key Features:

Choose your favorite warrior among a variety of unique heroes including deadly Knights, brutal Vikings, and cold-blooded Samurai. Able to turn the tide of battle and make their faction victorious, each hero comes with his or her own weapon set and combat style. Express your personality and inspire fear in your enemies by customizing each facet of your warrior, including your chest, shoulders, helmet, and weapon.

The memorable story campaign is a tale of warriors in which you will embody heroes of all three factions. Storming castles and fortresses, making the difference in massive battles, and confronting deadly bosses in intense duels, you will need all your wits and skills to ensure the survival of your people and foil the plans of the merciless and bloodthirsty warlord, Apollyon.

The groundbreaking multiplayer modes will test your skill and take your adrenaline to the next level. In the heart of battle with your band of warriors, coordination and communication will be the keys to victory as you support your allies, slaughter enemies, and own the battlefield.

Wield the weight of your weapon and feel the power and impact of every strike. Precise and accessible, the Art of Battle system has been designed with the objective of putting you in total control of your combat moves.

© 2016 Ubisoft Entertainment. All Rights Reserved. The For Honor logo, Ubisoft, and the Ubisoft logo are trademarks of Ubisoft Entertainment in the US and/or other countries.

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Larry Smith says:

Ugh, sickens me to see this nVidia mental masterbation going on. The way the trailer is you’d swear multimonitor support was an nVidia thing when everyone and their mother knows AMD’s Eyefinity is vastly superior and has been for many years now.

Also, when are people going to learn about Temporal AA and how bad it actually is? It’s fantastic for screenshots or still images but it’s horrible, absolutely horrible, for gameplay as it blurs everything and makes everything much less clear. It is the single worst AA option for gaming period.

xcashux says:

1:30 i got this view with SweetFx and “Armored Cine” preset.

franco mondala says:

fucking servers fuckers

Kurtis Horvath says:

Sounds very generic, but ahh, if you would just fix the servers. Thanks.

temannopellaria says:

Ubilol optimize on pc?
is a dream?

hanto says:

Fix fucking SERVER!!!

nicholas augustine says:

YES ANSEL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Trowester says:

Cries in amd ;(

Frosty Days says:

Noice servers guys…real noice

Johan N says:

Fantastic performance on my 980 Ti @ 1440p.

Ryan Verrocchi says:

its a shame you spend more time trying to find a game and get into one then actually playing it

The Sleep Tight Pupper says:

My only gripe with the game is its lack of dedicated servers. From what I’ve seen, lack of servers is the main thing that has deterred people from the game. I’d be extremely happy if Ubisoft chose to switch to dedicated servers in the future or as soon as possible. The game is enjoyable but very irritating when you get a connection error during a match.

GamingOver Galaxy says:

peasants where u at.

Radek 1313 says:

Best video 😉

Tom Courtney says:

I must say it is excellent on PC and near unplayable on console as a result in my experience.

Dee jay Mondragon says:

I hate when a woman is so beautiful but cannot do the play for me. FIX THE FUCKING SERVER!

Mr Fantasy says:

server fail…

Nikke Koivisto says:

Does nvidia ansel work in multiplayer?

Jarrett R.K. says:

i’m running this game max at 1080p, 60fps and there’re no dynamic reflections.

James Lee says:

most unbalanced game ever… from warden, conq, and Warlord being op to them putting a guy with low gear going against a team of high gear to connection problems and the list goes on… Ubisoft gets great ideas but just never can make a balanced game….for honor, division, siege are all bed balancing… you know ghost will be also. well I’m finish with Ubisoft aka shittisoft

Matthew Johnson says:

man ubisoft are smashing it these days, watch dogs 2, rainbow 6, for honoured are all top notch titles and optimised as hell and run like a dream. ubisoft used to have garbage games, now they are killing it

Don Pablo says:

nice stabil servers says:

bout time Ubisoft starts working with Nvidia! Only took them 2 freaking decades!

Пантилей Ютюбов says:

проклятый юбисофт делает игры для NVIDIA и INTEL

oplix says:

if you wanted to see what your shiny new 1080 gtx rig can do, this is it.

iquaniqua says:

This looks really good **looks at AMD GPU** “You Have Failed Me For The Last Time”

GeekBody Official says:

ubisoft just pro for the show nothing other 😀

emipulex Go says:


Madmerlined says:

“failed to synchronise cloud saves” “failed to synchronise cloud saves” “failed to synchronise cloud saves” “failed to synchronise cloud saves” “failed to synchronise cloud saves” “failed to synchronise cloud saves”

Andel Adi says:

how to make a screenshot with a choice of perspective and color settings both on the video?

Nils Harten says:

ubisoft for real

Sword Art V says:

Why not put a Ranked match with better gear & renown without any feat and players cant gang on one player (fair fight)

Ryan Leonard says:

Amazing looking game and want it badly, but hesitant because of everyone talking about connection issues.

USHerpingChannel 06 says:


Bandage77 says:

thank you nvidia and ubisoft! <3

Internal Gohan says:

Plz give us some dedicated servers

Smeagol says:

AMD scrubs screaming into there waifu pillows.

R4_F says:


ElGalleto06 says:

Game actually non playable in fullscreen with GeForce XXXm series.

HDStreichholz says:

this game is superbly optimized, great performance!

Edward Grass says:

Lets be honest no one can play this on 4k 60fps. So please downgrade this Ubi ^^

Manki Kng says:

matchmaking sucks peer to peer sucks ubisoft sucks. wish i could return this shitty game.

Hoss Cartwright says:

Ubisoft finally understands PC gamers 😀

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