FOG OF WAR – NEW WW2 FPS & Tank COMBAT (Fog Of War Pre-Alpha Gameplay)

FOG OF WAR – NEW WW2 FPS & Tank COMBAT (Fog Of War Pre-Alpha Gameplay)

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jonesy66691 says:

i would buy the shit out of this if it had bots to play against offline

Panzer Elite says:

6$for a beta game

TommyFortress says:

Why does the mosin nagant sound so similliar with some other bolt action rifles in medal of honor? Even though they possibly stole it im loving it for nostalgia.

Fascism Tự Do says:


Panzer Elite says:

heroes and generals is better

Tavares Doughty says:

This game sounds like a FPS version of Foxhole but with more in depth class system

Harry Pjotr says:

I love that you’re playing “polyushka polye” in the background!

minime922 says:

the mosin nagant is a shitty rifle.

loren roberts says:

they need to change the sound effects for the SVT 40. sounds like a pellot gun. the mosin is really good it needs to sound more like that

Chomp Chomp says:

whites killing whites, the jew really is a diabolical subversive nation destroying parasite.

Priyank sonwani says:

man this game looks good ….i hope the grind wont be as bad as HnG …and i hope it has lotso guns…the gunplay looks real crisp, the sounds make me feel tingly inside…(the good kind) ..the only thing that mattrs now is pc specs…

Its_Andrej says:

Heroes and Generals meets Red Orchestra 2!!!

DeadGear says:

Pizza gun… Ok, I’ll let that one slide.

MP44…Just…Just no…Please, just stop.

El_Espanol_ says:

So, its like a H&G without lag and planes

Appletank8 says:

Ah, no, I can’t play this. I can’t identify heads for shit.

Bel Rick says:

Biggest negative is the third person camera view. Totally ruins tactical shooters/simulators

Christian Semb says:

he got the mosin and the svt 40 swapped around

homelessEh says:

pre alpha dead horse…

Asatru55 says:

How is the player base? Is there voip? If everyones running around for themselves i’m not going to get it.

John Dane says:

Come to think about it. This game reminds me of Battleground Europe except it’s on a smaller scale.

Pedro Barbosa Duarte says:

4:59 quiet derp but


Neggatron says:

this looks awsome!! new game in red orchestra style? SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY :DD

Shwan Jones says:

pay to play?

Tactix says:

I don’t know if I’m right but this game semms to me like a mix of Red Orchestra 2 and ArmA 3 but as I said I’m not quite sure…..

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