( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) FIRST Madden NFL 17 GAMEPLAY Video New Juke Moves Released ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
GOT MADDEN 17 XBOX ONE AND MADDEN 17 PS4 GAMEPLAY TRAILER FOR YA. EA Sports has just posted a quick Madden NFL 17 video featuring the new juke move, along with a glimpse of the new score bug/banner. Lets hope Madden 17 Ultimate Team can deliver as well. Still Waiting for madden 17 franchise, connected career mode and superstar mode has for us. as well as the new uniforms in Madden 17

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DJx79x says:

I don’t like how the defender falling to the ground was a part of the animation

Jacoby Pierson says:

They just keep making the game easier and easier

dimitri richardson says:

So now they have dumb glitch blitzes, they tell you which way to catch the ball, and now they tell you which way and when to juke? No skill at all

5125157 says:

Madden 16 with a button tutorial…. Just like the receivers having an instruction above it

KingOfCobras73 says:

For those craping on it and saying they’re making the game easier like you know there’s sliders and you can turn this off right? They make it easy enough for those who are new. I don’t think this feature would be OP but it’s something new and I like it so far.

Tyrelle Davenport says:

wyza did you notice the safety doesnt move at all? when the play starts, to the left of the words you can see him sittin there dumbfounded hahaha

Lurking Kendall says:

Lmao suction jukes 2 counter sution tackles and that juke animation was in madden 08

Larry McCormick says:

It does not matter since the suction tackle makes it impossible to do a juke if their within 5 yards of you. Take the Suction tackles out of the game.

SeasGaming says:

Anybody else notice the safety in the back that didn’t move at all? Yikes

Joshua Cauwels says:

This New Feature Looks Interesting,Hopefully They Can Make The Whole Game Overall Experience Better.Example:Like A Punter Misses The Snap Or A Kick Having A Low Percentage Rats Of Making The Kick. lol Add Some Special Teams Features. Also It Would Be Cool If Strong RBs And Fast RBs Make The Game More Dinamic Like This Clip Shown

Ricky Jones says:

How about they fix the dead ball fumble recoveries.

Xbox1 SiemSo says:

Chase Money On The Beat

DA GOAT says:

they already had ankle breaker animations in madden 16

Golden State splashers says:


LJ2K 99 says:

Before all you niggas write “just making the game easier” just remember that you being the best player in your house doesn’t mean you’re actually good…..

LJ2K 99 says:

isn’t the chop block illegal now in the NFL?

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