FIGHT THE HORDE! Northgard gameplay – Northgard: new city builder game!

Northgard game today is all about fighting off the other AI clans. They keep raiding, but we grow beyond the some resource barriers and are ready to explode all over them! Northgard – it’s out in a few days and if you like competitive RTS games – I think you’ll like it!

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__What is Northgard
Northgard is a strategy game based on Norse mythology in which you control a clan of Vikings vying for the control of a mysterious newfound continent.

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Grespino 1 says:

Elder scrolls online background photo

looper says:

why would anyone unlike this. this is basicly like finding a legendary in clash royale

Michael Silver says:

this game gives me some AOE 2 vibes

Beh wen says:

U cn always use the extra food to organize a feast for extra production and happiness 😀
U don’t ply well but everyone have to learn 😀 good luck

angelina hernandez says:

first like and comment

Madison Atteberry says:

Sorry to criticize but in terms of recurses I think the lore stone was a bad idea when you already had a free one next to it. However you can build a fishing camp in the little lake you control look closely and there are fish swimming. The area south of that area looks like a good place for either a mead hall or longboat port.

Pakuna says:

How come the retard gets to play new RTS games days early and i dont? I mean just look at him constantly failing at the simplest tasks… wanna know why your defense tower burned down? Cuz you idiot didnt change your trade route to food.. you did not choose a trading partner.. you just looked at it and went away.. so they keppt trading your wood away. And dont even get me started about reaction times and prioritization of problems.. took you like 2 minutes to realise your people were starving in the blizzard and all you did was caring about gold..

Jack Playz says:

Can’t wait for the release of this game #hype

GreatGame - Roblox says:

cool 2nd

Peter Jones says:

I like the look of this game. I definitely like this play-through!

Chris Pridmore says:

I clicked the screen twice because I forgot this was a video… sigh… I really want to play this.

TANK`s Gaming says:

i noticed u you could have slaughtered the sheep when u click on one there is a slaughter button underneath the picture.

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