FIFA Mobile League Master Robert Lewandowski Gameplay! 95 LVL Master Lewandowski Review!

Get ready for some gameplay with my new favourite FIFA Mobile formation, and one of the best strikers in the game LVL Master Robert Lewandowski! Have a favourite goal from the video? Comment the timestamp below! We also look at what it takes to get all the LVL Master Players, Pirlo, Modrić, Mata, and Lewandowski!

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Thank you for checking out my channel! You have come across an awesome place for FIFA Mobile content! The game that features Football players from all over the world! I love Arsenal, love playing soccer, and love to make mobile gaming videos! I record through quicktime on my Apple iPhone ios 10. I use a logitech c920 camera, and edit with Adobe Premiere!


Shaheer Baig says:


mathew tb says:

hello stopde

Bunny J says:

hey stopde are you an American or not

Iam Ehsan says:


HipHop IsLife says:

I have 92 OVR Team. Usually score 23+ in tournaments. Looking for league close to Modric. Please invite: qiu333

Cantante Gaming says:

Here’s how to Pronounce Lewandowski properly: Lay-Van-Doh-V-Ski (Stress the ‘Ski’!)

Said Bogose says:


the lolka says:

Я хоть тебя и не понимаю,но смотрю)

Christian Pena Lopez says:

When is your next pack sanity

Soleh Yusof says:

Any league i can join?

dank cookies says:

curve your line for finesse shor

Potato Army says:

I 10-2 watch a lot of stopde videos

Omkar Bare says:

Plzz buy my ibrah 92 , m selling for just 500k

Christian Pena Lopez says:

Every time I watch you I think to myself I would never better than you

Games For Days says:

Nice video

Blue Soul says:

What a position

Ahiduzzaman Ahir says:

Only 4 days for griezmann.Excited af

joao victor fc says:

hello stobde

chicoboyedvin says:

im an 86 overall and i wanna see who cub i can join thats close to 90 pirlo

FoolishBrownPotato Gamer says:

Please can anyone with the league masters players, let me join your league?

The Best West says:

What’s the kit that you use

Angel Regalado says:

Any one need a league ?

Jamie shum says:

bayern 10-2 arsenal , i understand why you dont want to talk about it

ZYX FifaMobile says:

if stopde pins this comment he cares about his fans:)

Gonza Marshall says:

Hi Stopde!
I would like to play a match with you

Charaf Farchich says:

sergdfgfdxghhgjhjn’gjklmjulklyhkktjyytfgyhujk’huhgykugykj’uli!il début juif y

Midnight Blaze says:

hey is it better to get 91 Vardy or 93 Lacazette

Brusi Oto says:

1:08 pls can someone tell me what is LEAGUE TOKEN PACK???

Maroł PL says:

Polska !

romario portocarrero says:

Someone has a league near modric?

Jose Maria Torres says:

wtf eres muy bueno en fifa mobile saludos desde México

karthika manikandan says:

stopde will u clear my doubt? will we get the lvl masters if we join a league which has already completed the achievements

Hamza Abu aljoud says:

I want a league that close to mata my team ovr 85

Diego Hernandez says:

i subcr8be

hacker channel says:

pls can i join your royal arsenal

MegaCrafter Pe says:

Stopde how do u get the League Version of Modrić

2DRembo says:

Stopde I love you but

Mourinho is the special one
Arsene is the five one

marios 165 says:

stopde pls tell me who should I use for striker.Ufb benzema or the masked modeste?Pls reply

Games For Days says:

Subscribe to my channel

проебал канал и нож says:


abdul kader says:

I’m starting a new league anyone​ interested to join reply i have 85 ovr team

Davideo says:

Any leagues that are close to getting mata that I can join. I’m lvl 50 and 84 ovr

hacker channel says:

my user name in fifa mobile

S.BYHNASA Syhly says:

I don’t play league plez, invited the league

Goku says:

Solo dejaré esto por aquí…

Arsenal 2 Bayer 10 jeje

Slikdude · says:

Anyone have a league close to Mata,Pirlo, and Modric

ENJVY Official says:

Lol Arsenal 2 – Bayern Munich 10

E Ramirez says:

Im looking for a league that’s close to lewandowki or any other league master player

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