What game will you be picking up? fifa 17 or pes 2017

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Fifa 17 demo drops on the 13th of september and then the fifa 17 early access is on the 22nd of september, pes 2017 drops on the 13th so i decided to review both gameplays, unfortunately i wasnt able to get any fifa 17 ultimate team gamplay or pes 2017 my club gameplay but i will do soon, give me 2 weeks!

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Pamella Julius says:

Both games

Mohammad Tashtoush says:


Sarah Sheikh says:

PES 2017 suited only for the Japanese… They only know how to cross and heading the ball..

Amirul Aiman says:

both…i’m gonna download pes 2017 and buy fifa 17..but i will buy the pirated one

Jamaica Jamaicamad says:

FIFA suck the pass suck pass never go the way u put it is no accuracy nothing i like about this game the worst f****** fifa forever. why they keep changing the controllers

Obito Uchiha says:

Lol I just noticed everyone in the comment is a pes fan,trying hard to prove it’s better than fifa lmfao

dennis zawani says:


Mansur I says:

I really like ur videos, but it’s kind of hard to understand you

mr ben says:


Ali Cr7 says:

fifa 17 is way better

HengHeng Heng says:

Buy Both which I did! PES for the smooth and realistic game play. FIFA for the original jerseys, stadiums and Alex Hunter story. The Alex Hunter is 1 step ahead away from Konami.



David merrerar says:

fifa killed by pes in term of gameplay

hallihallo hahah says:

PES is the shittest gamer ever Fifa number 1

thucydides Neo says:

FIFA has ruined football game (and sport games in general) for years. It turned a footy game in to a license package.

Marko Zagreb croat says:

i have fifa 17 and pes 17.pes have beter gameplay and fifa is better in all other things

Dimitar Berbatov says:

PES is 100X better this year. Just plug in some option files on PS3/4!

jokes says:

pes is a god

Fifaskillgamingx- gaming channel says:

people you dont have to buy the better game buy the game you enjoy or are used to!
real passionate fans would do this but causal fans wouldnt understand because in real life did u know causal fans that not everyone supports the best teams in the world!!!!

Esmael Estrali says:

I Know Black dog

Sea says:

Pes movements just looks too “robotic” or “programmed”. Played pes for the past 10 years, switched to FIFA this year and fell in love with it

Youtuberka Marca 250YM says:

polland me no english sorry and like yes!

Just A Cubey says:

It is called soccer
Canada for life

Itz Lewis says:

FIFA 17 is far better

Fifaskillgamingx- gaming channel says:

FIFA is fun
PES is realistic
i love more fun games and im a fifa fan boy i played fifa for a long time i love online so fifa for me

Nicolas Montersino says:

non si capisce un cazzo

Jonathan Gαмвιиσ says:

_In general PES is better in Graphics and Gameplay, But when it comes too Popularity and Preference FIFA beats it in that._

mrmaybe says:

LOL… I still don’t know which to choose.

saudha musa says:


cyborg 24x says:

great video guy. but maybe u play a different pes cuz the pes 17 I played is absolutely rubbish.

hyppolite joseph says:

pes17 for life

luke oconnor says:


Riley Watson says:

peeps, dumbass set it really looks like prett|$ cutereflect

abdul rehman says:

Fifa 17 graphics don’t look like that I know cuz I have the game

Caesar Ali says:

you know nothing Keanuboss

Shahwaad Khan says:

pes sucks in front of fifa as well always no matter graphics are good but overall pes sucks

panos nikolaidis says:


Kingmawii OG says:

i give up on fifa im done with there bullshit. I am go store cop PES. Fuck fifa

Sanjay Sanju says:

I Need answer which is the best Pes 2017 or Fifa 17

J Starr says:

i absolutely CANNOT stand how many times you friggin fast cut every 2 seconds. pet peeve!!!! if i didn’t want to hear your opinion then i wouldnt have even watched the video.

Crank Taylor says:

so you go for FIFA because of licence?….. get a patch on PES you dumb fuck!

Shreak Shrestha says:

we dont give a fuck about your hair

Chris Thomas says:

I was a big pes fan back in the day.. I hated FIFA back then because it was a tap tap tap triangle game.. pes now just looks cartoony where as FIFA has much more skill to it and just all round looks better

cem sarioglu says:

i Played both games and can say that pes’s game play is a bit smoother and it has a feel good factor that fifa misses. Going for pes this year.

Theo Anderson says:

praise conduct secondary that map happiness.

Whiteshark 567 says:


Branco Martinez says:

I got to try PES it looks awesome

its daril time says:

both pes is cindove boring but both

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