FIFA 17 vs Pes 17 Gameplay, Graphics & New Game Modes Comparison (Player Faces) — Can we get 700 likes?
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This video includes a FIFA 2017 vs. PES 2017 Gameplay / Graphics / & New Game Modes Comparison. THE 3 GSSSSS!! Make sure to check the playlist for all the insider information regarding FIFA 17 Ultimate Team & FIFA 17 “The Journey” which is the New Game Mode that adds to the career mode portion of FIFA. I will also have all the Pro Evolution Soccer 2017 News / Info & release dates for you including the improve AI breakdown for this year to go with My CLUB + the infamous Master League. I’ve shown clips of the FIFA 17 official trailer & also the Pro Evolution Official Trailer to give you guys some additional visuals while I breakdown each title.

Also!! What do you guys think about the FIFA 17 New Penalty Kicks & FIFA 17 Free Kick announcements? Let me know in themmmm commmenttsss

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Maxim Kupar says:

Rumors about improved Pro Clubs ? Where did you hear that ? To me it looks like the opposite actually, removing the Pro Clubs I mean.

2geeplatnum says:


jarad hobbs says:

ABSOLUTELY LOVE this type of content and videos!! Thank you Dirty Mike. I have been a loyal follower and consumer of FIFA for years, but I went out and bought PES last season……I enjoyed the title and played it for about a week, BUT could not get past the lack of licensing!! I play on the Xbox One, and as far as I know that console still doesn’t support kit and roster realism upgrading. I want to be able to play with the real teams, in the real stadiums, with the real players…….not “North London Red”!!!! KEEP UP THE GREAT VIDEOS, MIKE……you are “The Dirty One”……always telling it like it is, down and dirty 🙂

Asim Khan says:

pes was so great last year can’t wait for this year’s title fifa was peace of shitt on last year’s title I hope gameplay with new engine and ai has significantly improved and pls they need to speed up the game like fifa 15 was

oren moyal says:

FIFA’S gameplay is so gay (since 2012)

Nguyễn Tấn Thuyền says:

PES likes shit

Sean Markey says:

Thank you for calling it football 🙂 hello from the UK!

joe3stix says:

My take: FIFA a better game in every regard, with the glaring exception of gameplay. The FIFA menus, game modes, graphics, updates, licensing and atmosphere beats PES hands down. However, especially with regards to this year’s releases, the gameplay in FIFA straight blows. “Easier to dribble through 5 players than to make 1 pass.” That sums it up. As for PES, the gameplay is brilliant. The AI is better, the animations better, the flow of the game significantly more realistic (and more fun) and tactics, oh baby, tactics. The options for moving players anywhere to create your own formation and the options to switch up how your team attacks and defends are much, much deeper and significant in PES than in FIFA. All this being said, FIFA is a great game, until you actually play it. PES can be a drain, until you play it- then it’s awesome. Overall, the gameplay is what we buy the game for. The bells and whistles of FIFA are awesome, but playing the game is no fun. PES this year.

Channel KirA says:

GAMEPLAY in PES number one!

Josh Singh says:

Interesting vid bro and some good points, watch my pes 2017 review on my channel and i would appreciate it if u would leave a comment

leeroy hustle says:

did u play pes17 at e3?

Timber 16 says:

Are FIFA or PES releasing a 5 vs 5 game mode? I’d buy either game just for that.

Stellio Makrygiannis says:

Haha when he sais that people who doesn’t play fifa and pes doesn’t really like football ( he kind of sais that in the start)

Danny Hernández says:

Fifa seguirá con movimientos roboticos en los jugadores , les falta moldear el cuerpo del jugador y mejorar los movimientos naturales para ver más realismo

Sports Gamers Online says:

Great video Mike! Keep up the good work!

Al G says:

my first FIFA was FIFA 2000 for PC. aaaaahhhh those sweet memories…

Daniel Hill says:

nice vid mike. your one of the few YouTubers that I can listen to a 10 minute video without getting bored man. You seem to be more honest and less like a TV personality if you get what I’m saying. not sure of my point but keep it up

Florian Passelergue says:


Black Mamba says:

Why.would someone buy this over fifa

Rodl 123 says:

fifa is better

CEWIIH says:

PES has always been more arcade and FIFA has been the game for fans who want true realistic football. PES has got alot more enjoyable and realistic in recent years though and are a credible alternative to if you’re looking for something more casual

MopHead780 says:

Im a PES fan for a numerous amount of reason. 1) Im A PC gamer so licensing is not a problem for me because Konami releases patch every 2 weeks or month updating roster teams worldwide so there will be no NORTH LONDON in my PES . 🙂

JordanOrJordz says:

they need to make it like nba

Deckstar Mania says:

Fifa’s CR7 sucks as compared to pes

leeroy hustle says:

ea is just marketing…………those the journey screenshots and trailers are not how in game the graphics look like……..all games have awesome trailers…..

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