FIFA 17 THE JOURNEY Gameplay Walkthrough Part 9 – NEWCASTLE VS SPURS (Newcastle) #Fifa17

FIFA 17 THE JOURNEY Gameplay – FIFA 17 THE JOURNEY Walkthrough Part 1 – West Ham Journey Career with Alex Hunter – First Impressions Commentary 1080p Xbox One Gameplay #Fifa17 #TheJourney #Journey #Career
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Experience Life in the Premier League – For the first time ever in FIFA, live your story on and off the pitch as the Premier League’s next rising star, Alex Hunter. Play on any club in the Premier league, for authentic managers and alongside some of the best players on the planet. Experience brand new worlds in FIFA 17, all while navigating your way through the emotional highs and lows of The Journey.


Jessies Health says:

great career so far
with newcastle.

deadly trial says:

stop blaming your stats :))

The Survivor says:

I really enjoy your vids (even though you aren’t the best at fifa, but you are improving), but please don’t skip the training drills as I love watching you get A’s and B’s. Please reply!

The right lad Trl says:

You are good

Tony Harvey says:

I like ur walkthroughs and the gd voices that u put on lol and I might be getting this game for Christmas lol

The RealHadezz says:

Try finesse shot more

Toby Massey says:

town is my home town

Anton Holtbäck says:

let go of the sprint button before shooting for more accurate shots

video maker XV1 says:


Amanda Knepp says:

i cant get enough don’t stop i enjoy these series thay areso entertaining

def bat says:

It was a good pass you could have ran onto it dum dum

Z Sun says:

nice video. nice normal non-hippy NORMAL video!
All i can say is, the team mates are all arseholes. they can not defend proper;y

Visual Vibez1512 says:


Matija Momčilović says:

Ffs can’t even hit the fcking goal ruining the experience… At least shoot the Goalkeeper if u can’t score… That way we will at least think the GK is good af!

Asha Benn says:

let the replays show plz

ivar woudsma says:

dude you mis Every Chance you get.

Dede Raditya says:

Be moar pro plz

Natasha N says:

Don’t try and shoot from the edge of the small box because you keep missing those. Just a tip.

Cameron Arrigo says:

git gud m9

noah knight says:

i came first in the academy

Phantom Master says:

play as a team u play way better

Salvador Rodriguez says:

what buttons

Newb Games says:

By the way GameRiot if you have a open shot, shoot right away even though it’s a little far, there’s a chance you will score a goal

Alan Lyons says:

start dabbing when you score

Count Dracula says:

nice try keep trying, mate

Will Thweatt says:

My god you’re awful. Why can’t I find a single walkthrough where the player isn’t absolute trash. Smh………

Ameican Bro says:

yo mate do some more of this vids

Salvador Rodriguez says:

how do you make tho shots when one practice

Edson Guzman says:

What difficulty do you play in?

TheFreeemo says:

more with the journey!!!!!
great video mate

Zavy Zae says:

You really need to be patient when your about to score an go around the defender

George Bland-Wells says:

Loving the series mate, quality content. Keep at it!

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