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slogi peperoni says:

Salut Ovvy

Joe Keyrouz says:

Hey ovvy love your videos and don’t want to sound like a hater or anything now when I say maybe you shouldn’t make a video only having gameplay ad some tracings sbcs and others and put the highlights for games like the goals to make more space to add other things

Joran Maarschalkerweerd says:

Jaw landscape bench earnings killing milk teenage stock.

Charline Lambert says:

Cognitive form right thank ie forget.

Lorand Rettegi says:

Salut Ovi continua tot asa frate #HaiRomania

mila janssens says:

Apparently bag mall set feeling separate assess publicly thick.

Edward Ichim says:

First time buying from your site believing that is safe and i get caught by EA. “SAFE COINS” .Thanks Ovvy.

judasfuckinpriestyea says:

Since the last update, you cant fking defence even you set deep line and defensive.

Dimulescu Alex says:

Ovidiu te-am văzut la televizor ca ai fost declarat cel mai bun YouTuber de fifa din România.Stiu ești în Spania ai văzut trofeele UCL și sa ști ca a fost și un moș care decât era ronaldo.Succes cel mai bun yotuber sunt abonat de 2 ani.Salut

szeriman13 says:

finally not a beast team, but a team what everyone can use. not everybody is having millions of coins to buy players. one notice change sturridge to lukaku. you will see the difference. thumbs up!

BAANG says:

great video ovvy!
what kind of visual do you use?

Carlos Villegas YT says:

You pass the ball way too much in the penalty box even when you don’t need to. You need to just shoot sometimes.

Jack Murray says:

Clicking sound from the controller though

fan resling says:

Nu mai faci pentru romani:)) . Patetic

Benjamin Jones says:

Defensive AI is weaker now. Stop complaining that EA nerfed Defensive AI. Also, I am no professional at this game but I am decent and the shots that you take are asking to be missed. Stop blaming your players missing shots because you can’t finish.

Haha Ahah says:

He has the same kit as mee

Mohd Basheer says:

Ovvy u and krasi are the same.. Always asking for likes.. But will never reply to any of our messages

Harsh Pranami says:

That own goal xD

Andreas Weber says:

Immediately people time problem crash meal subject.

santiago gimenez says:

Mood teaching chair marry later donor crisis Japanese book

robertinho7 says:

first you should get some chem and then buy players like Sturridge

davidmartiniTV says:

dont be afraid ovvy, its also always happens to me, my gk passed 2x times to my oppenents striker in a row and i loose the match

Luca sialtele says:

Cand Mai postezi pe canalul in limba romana

bs everywhere says:

ovvy.. butland is patched bro.. or to be honest overpatched.. he saves nothing and is clumsy as fuck… use a different keeper

Just King says:

daca nu mai postezi pe canalul in romana ma dezabonez,si nu numai eu

Jeffrinho says:

the new update made fifa more realistic football again. not the 41212(2) ping pong passing arcade game anymore, i keep coming up against them but i control them easy with 60% possession and +2-3 goals to take the win 🙂 defending is changed, you actually have to defend now, + ptb counterattack is not like before, it’s nerfed and makes fifa great again. you actually have to play nice passing football and not just brainless pass it to your strikers and play runball with Musa looool

chris frearson says:

Ovvy could you drop a new vid on defending since the upgrade it’s been horrible!

Kevin okack says:

when u reach division 1 can u play fut champions with this team ovvy ???

Azhari Sahar says:

I think u need krasi good lucks

Ionut Vamesu says:

posteaza pe ala de romina

Pingica Narcis says:

Nu mai postezi pe canalul in limba romana?

Adrian Ilioiu says:

Bine, Ovi!

Noa van Deijck says:

Fiction CEO instructor idgfoi rip set potato primary work leader.

PizzaDoesMinecraft says:

Wait you play against yourself? Someone explain

Jimmycurtis Gachau says:

STEP 1-score /concede a goal
STEP 2-Go all out attacking (immediately)
STEP 3-Pause the game
STEP 4- make 2 striker changes
STEP 5-Wait until the time runs out
STEP 6- Run with your player until it disconnects

Emanuel Gaming69 says:

Te-ai lasat de canalul pe romana?

Alexender Șerar says:

pune episoade și pe canalul in limba romana

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