Comment down below on your thoughts about the new and improved fifa 17 gameplay!

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Fifa 17 release date is on the 22-25 September, 2016 which is very soon! so i decided to show you some fifa 17 gameplay which was broken down by their commentators, comment down below on your thoughts!

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Leon Winkler says:

Threat telephone repair God.

T .vampz says:

Song at end?

Supper Dupper Slapper says:

Just like in real football players tend to think they can get away with the trowing by trying to move more closer towards the opponents goal to get a slight advantage.

iGotYaGritt says:

“I basically speak Colombian” *Facepalm*

Donte skyyers says:

Call of duty


I preorderd fifa 17

egandu john says:

gameplay is wack. all you have to do is throw ball to score. the throwball in this game is overpowered

monkeh88 Entertainment says:

wow nice , thnx dude for sharing

Marcel reijerink says:

fifa sucks ps is better 🙂

Alfie HD says:

Looks sick

Gonzo Spook says:

merda che due coglioni…dopo 10 secondi hai già rotto…

Tibor van Dijk says:

hey buddy! style i really prefer it heazily cousin :o)

ART IN ONE says:

YOU SPONSORED BY EA MATE? Getting excited over throw ins and Dabs?! PES 17 all the way

Fred Mello says:

U r an ass stop fucking talking

AloneSurvivor says:

why is everyone excited about this game? there’s no innovation in the gameplay ,the game always results boring after 2 hours of playing and ultimate team is the only mode everyone plays and it sucks also EA is the developer …. EA makes a game = the game sucks

OkTa says:

SHUT THE FUCK UP! and just playing the game .. !!

Music Nation says:

I’m guessing Keanu Doesn’t speak any German?

Paulo Costa says:


RazorUnlimited says:

Ok first point. they say about the set piece being rewrite.. what happened to custom tactics from corners, why not add freekick ones? lmao

Jack Chinn says:


Prashant Rakheja says:

Worst video ever… downvoting

Rompy says:

U can press l1 or lb to make ur striker run

Steven Remington says:

How to become a beta tester of FIFA?

Merlin Mayer says:

He speaks ‘columbien’. Of course he does.

dpaudi says:

son of a bitch

Oswaldo junior says:


Alfie Frankel says:

Good video man !

Oswaldo junior says:

mentiroso e v

Zack Carver says:

stfu u cunt

Jermaine Patterson says:

bloodclaat yuh chat too rass much

Cassidy Carroll says:

you the singer from Bloc Party, mate?

Anthony Wilfred Fragglefrock says:

Crap pes 2017 is better

Nicky Jeh says:

watz da music played in tge beginning..its so hot

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