FIFA 17 – OFFICIAL Gameplay Features BREAKDOWN!!

That Time Of YEAR! The FIFA 17 Trailer Breakdown..
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This video is the Official FIFA 17 Gameplay Features. Today in this FIFA 17 Video i will be doing the Official FIFA 17 Breakdown of the trailers of the Gameplay Features. Dont Take most of this serious, Especially PES 2017…. I love You PES xx

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Rinzy says:

Nice vid Rashaunzy! 🙂

Savage Hd says:

yo rashaunzyash do you have a tattoo

giantreddevil says:


Wizey says:

ayyyyyy!!!!! great vid man

Sina Makossah says:

+rashaunzyash do a football video

SIPLcy says:

Nice video and do you know when the demo of fifa 17 will be out?

X_xPS4GAM3Rx_X says:

Hope that nose gets better #Stop RashaunzyAsh’s abuse

Zanzy says:

Can you guys help me to reach 350 subs 🙂

Sjskillswag says:


Joe Bright says:

Love u can u shout me out pls

David Moen says:

What is the name of the song at 5:47?

KIng Of world says:

I don’t know if he’s being sarcastic

Omegle2527 says:


Rico Caterina says:

you’re dead

david tboy says:

good video

test dummy says:

Lol this guy is an idiot and tries too hard. WTF, dude? No dignity at all. There are subtitles and you still ask what he’s saying?? Hahahaha wooooow. I take it as a joke.

Blockorocko Gaming says:

Subscribe to my channel please guys and help me reach 100 subs so i can start uploading again

Gnabryfifa says:

the grafics on fifa 17 remembers me fifa 10 OMFG

amirkiller008 says:

pes is actually good…

Billy Chalmers says:

Wtf is he taking about I’ve seen retarded sheep make better videos

Andrew Muir says:

such a boring and common video. its not funny

TrickiCentral says:

XD This Video Bangs Bro Nice!

Sina Makossah says:

Try look for some more fifa 17 trailer

iHazzy says:

yo rashaun whas up

David Moen says:

Very funny video Rashaunzy!

RekterRoar says:

Certi my g I think Fifa messed up this year apparently the penalties are different now and the free kicks

X_xPS4GAM3Rx_X says:

Great vid as well, your such a comedian!!!!!! LOL

João Alves says:

great video bro!!!!

Sam R says:

did he actually break his nose?

BRODX JR says:

jeez i’ve been here since 20k no lie

saffron211206 says:

Song at 1:45?

Bálint xd says:

this is the funnyest fifa17 trailer reaction

the official genius says:

it looks like fucking pes 14

dani busoi says:

Man you’re so funny:))
It’s the first video i watch on your channel..and it’s amazing! +1sub for you 🙂

Grunt Kuru says:

Pokemon go is 10 times mor fun than fifa 16 now.

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