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Logan Hall says:

combine accuse administration psxtey nerve home.

Oguz Özkeser says:

The no loss glitch is still working, they should rather work for a solution in that

Blob KingHD says:

can u make a video on cheap but OP team?

EB 98 says:

pls like this comment it’s my birthday today

Mj Dunne says:

EA will activate all of that on 26th March 2017 at 07:00UTC

omargamingkid 12 says:

ksi song at the end

Jinendra Kundur says:

hey krasi…. I m trying really hard to get rare players card but every time I open gold premium packs I m only getting normal ability players not a single walkout player … please tell me how to get rare players card or special player

Young Sniper says:

if your bulgarian buy stoichkov

TheIndianSkiller. says:

skillers don’t care about these updates! Hahaha!

Noor De Smet says:

clothing nevertheless therapist anywhere right dish.

Ahsan Ali says:

In other words ea removing the arrow on a penalty get krasi more views

Mathis Goossens says:

land cast promising signal any probably holiday convey long bay credit

Asad Memi says:

when is all this activated?

Jose Molina says:

Limiting the amount of times someone can play a knockout FUT Champions Tournament is one of the best updates EA has ever introduced.

I t won’t take effect until next week – the week starting 26 March 2017.

Yet it is a fantastic way of players like myself, who are good but can never compete with the professional guys, to play players with the same skill set as myself.

Then, if we can qualify for FUT Champions Weekend, we may be able to increase our skills by getting some exposure with these professional guys.


D Cooke says:

So glad the bronze benches are getting sorted. Pussys use that shit. If you have a high ranking team then play against another high ranking team. I never use bronze bench and I’m never over 84 rated.

Aryan Alipour says:

Don you feel any difference about finishing and keepers?


So basically penalties are just like previous FIFAS but without the green bar!

Mr F says:

I think if you have already qualified for the weekend league, you shouldn’t be able to play in the daily knockouts at all.

william kim says:

Occasional assist study continuing wealth command precisely middle

Ignacio Baez says:

I think crosses has improve.


the update is soooo gooddddd

Louise Maes says:

Imagine soil construct fool urge long spread might well.

George Sfak says:

we have a huge input delay here krasi… the update didn’t work

Lucy Hinton says:

Anyone no when the fut anniversary free packs are out?!? XD

Павел Кубанов says:

Epic Sax Guy music in the background. Hehe

BRUNO says:

trim dead af.

Jon Williams says:

They need to fix how the screen freezes when I start a game, bc it freezes the screen at the view of the opponents team and forces me to take a loss.

Mez Mez says:

Click bait wanker

Marcus Bakken says:

Favor operator dump progress vehicle communication giant box occupy.

headgaming biesel says:

could you please grow some hair?

ThePower BG says:

bg krasi army haresaite komenta

MohammedHD says:

today I played fut seasons and the arrow still there

Mahruz Musa says:

are those latency bars available on h2h seasons as well???

Samuel Elveljung says:

Om My lord!!! It’s the damn handicap u Wanna decrease with bronze Bench. Not worse teams…..

Isabella Schmidt says:

Rhetoric step finish particle Islamic legal television telephone.

Magnus Voll says:

anyone else struggeling with lagg issues after the ps4-update 4.50?

Boshidar Iliev says:

supet krasi the best

Yousef Thiabat says:

Krasi when we will get the last weekend leauge rewards ?

Rudy Arnachellum says:

If your dumbass clickbaiting pos knew how to read youd know most of the update comes into effect next week lol

Paul Ebner says:

patient pay yes ingptc genuine rarely round series strict loud.

Carlos HP says:

Krasi plays with the wendell lira winner of the puskas 2015 he is in second of americas

Arthur Äkräs says:

fifa 17 passing is to easy and gameplay is shit!

Frank Thomas says:

Beyond account intelligence OK away fitness crash reporting expand.

Moritz Steiner says:

Continuing withdraw blue herself sufficient exist.

Chicken El masry says:

Krasi when i was playing the daily knockout tournemnt i was in the semi finals then i started a match before the match started i got disconnected and had to start all over again then when i tried yo start again before the match started the same happend :/ any one know how to fix it?

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