FIFA 17 – New Features, The Journey, Gameplay Experience & More!

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FIFA 17 IS HERE! In this video I’ll be talking about the new features, game mode (The Journey), Skill Moves and lots more!


Scott Savage says:

how have you already played fifa 17

Андрей Масюков says:

Кошмар у меня глаза аж устали от желтого! Она все хуже игра и хуже!

Albert Taylor says:

you should be able to play the journey in yup our own name

The Troublesome Trio says:

Is that on Xbox 360

IsamzyyHD says:

Im just asking, can you get Story mode on xbox 360?

alex says:

did they fix the broadcastview angle ??

Jeremy Given says:

They picked 4 flops for the cover, lovely. Hazard is pure garbage, Reus is made of glass and is crap now, and Rodriguez was never a good player. Martial… overpriced hype.

Ilyes Dla TeSSe says:


james sousa says:

Does Alex hunter get older and when he gets older does his face look older?

WeeLittle Fishy says:

Aww i wanted to Customize my own character

Sule Charles says:

any new competitions like after u win the champions league fifa world club cup anything? ?

Андрей Масюков says:

Зачем мне история сюжета? существуют вполне приличные игры типа GTA

S G says:

I don’t understand how set pieces are any different. You didn’t explain it very well,

RollinBonz says:

It’s dumb as hell that you can’t create a player for the journey mode. I’d rather play as myself that freaking Alex Hunter

ozan Evcil says:

fifa17 yeni lig ve Stadyumlar olması isterim

Андрей Масюков says:

Что можно ожидать в FIFA 18?

Aissa Smahi says:

it’s not a ( Barclays ) anymore

Ender Karavil says:


Tnorth says:

This guys just spoiled the fuck out of the story mode tbh…

Ryan Clarke says:

Cant wait until it comes out 🙂

Андрей Масюков says:

Что вы подразумеваете под футболом и игрой в футбол?

Al Capucino says:

fake pass is already in fifa

EvilForce666 Nuñez says:

im still hoping that career mode is upgraded with better ways of playing it and better transfer market better leauges better alot more things in it… do ou guus have any info regarding career mode

Андрей Масюков says:

Что вы изменили в новой FIFA 17? Ничееего.

XHussein HassounX says:

Kazoo i.e. The kazoo

Jd Dehl says:

Is this on the EA Early Access?

GymLife says:

Wie komt hier via hardynasty (MARK)

Андрей Масюков says:

Мааама0))))))))) Дизайнеры. Дизайнеры наверно сварщики? Вы че тупые)))) Кто эту игру делает? Китайцы, Корейцы, Вьетнамцы?

Shayan Ahmed Chowdhury says:

In the Journey can i play with custom player name can i create my own player and then play it in the Journey

Elmer Arroyo says:

That sucks u cant even change a name

madzangels says:

I don’t want to be black 🙁

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