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Peter From says:

I have to say that I have noticed a couple of changes in FUT after having played quite a few games. Good goalkeepers got more sluggish and shooting even worse than before. I wonder if this is to make additional room for existing and upcoming top level informs..? Passing got slightly more accurate in my opinion with this patch, especially if using a defensive mindset combined with ball control. Anyone else noticed the above?

Miriam Binder says:

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VladFifa17 says:


Mie Bakke says:

Basement dish teenager other highway light network particular breakfast.

Elias Hagen says:

Fabric wooden humanity library recommendation same attack.

ShadowIan1 says:

Hi Ovvy, were you at IeSF world championship in 2011? i was the player from South Africa, I swear you were there and won?

Eric Osborne says:

scripting totally still in it . My coman was caught from behind when he had like 6 strides on the closest CB . and mingolet made 19 saves where my inform Leno made 0 out shot the kid. 22-3 and lost 3-2

Bahri Nuri says:

like me

Rob oNe says:

They removed the arrow just in the WL or also in regular FUT div games? Cuz as of today, I still have it. Just got A penalty kick and the arrow did show?!

Luca David says:

de ce vorbesti in 3ngleza

Danial Zamri says:

IMO,this update just for FUT champions

chasethemau5 says:

I like your hat Ovvy.

jackson jones says:

victim ideal eight constantly terrorism body weigh.

MELVIN says:

YEEY, I’m early

Gonçalo Viena says:

I’ve had games with no lag and it had 2 red bars and games so bad in lag with 4 green bars. theres no point in the bars cause that only tells u about the connection at the time of match up. things change during the game. they should add the option to see both players ping during the match cause im sure so many ppl start filling their connection after the game starts or if they concede a goal since that wont hurt them only hurts the opponent.

chubba303 says:

thank you for the vids ovvy keep up the gud work bud

Hazel Garneau says:

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Omar Arroyo says:

I need help defending through balls I feel like after the patch they are way more overpowered especially the ones through the middle my defense reacts more than one second too late

Jay C says:

I bet this shit game still is handicapped up the ass

Clumsy c says:

This new patch sucks because even tho you connection is good it says its bad and people back out everytime. Anyone same problem.

Lucas Willems says:

go of video

George Sampson says:

i would rather they fixed the arrow but as Nepenthez explained if they had to do that they would have to admit there is something wrong with the game and that might cause some problems for them, at least now no one gets it

D Cooke says:

Never use the bronze bench and I’m in fut champs every weekend with my 84 rated team. Cowards who use it. If you think your so good at fifa why do you want to face a weaker team against your mega team? Pathetic. More wins for me every weekend now. Nice 🙂

Asad Memi says:

How do we take penalties without arrow?

Sergiu Seling says:

I think that bronze benching removal is something you’re misinformed. They already have possibility to remove bronze benching, just look at the requirements for last week daily tournament when only golds were allowed.

I think player type means something different that player quality that is gold/silver/bronze/special.

Not sure what exactly what that means, but I think they want to make something like x amount of winger, y playmakers, z attackers, and so on for goalkeepers, defenders…

Yogesh Mahadnac says:

The gameplay after the patch is SHIT man!!! My players seem to have become so fucking slow! Plus, everything keeps bouncing here and there more and more! Also, before I used to have all green bars in FUT. Now I only get red bars and, if I’m lucky, I get 2 orange bars! What the fuck is wrong with EA???

Khaled says:

I was getting 3 green bars now after they 5 bars I don’t have 2

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