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MegaUrlion says:

Fake this is fifa 16 idiot

Jeremy Munene says:

have they fixed pace?

Leo SN says:

How about the LB sprint boost? Is it still working?

SmileMore says:

FIFA 17 is Gona be shit then , looks like journey mode was quickly made to cover up the crapness hence its only 1 season and has no customising character ability

Leander says:

whats about the pace in fifa 17
is it Like fifa 15 or 16?

Paper Blanket says:

what about heading and crossing?

Sascha Kekz says:

Fake this is FIFA 16!

Madden Montgomery-Fisher says:

I appreciate the information but I must admit I’m now not as excited as I was before watching this. I expected enhances visuals, smoother gameplay and better animations for goalkeepers, fouls and near miss cutscenes etc.

Arjun B says:

Hey gorilla, love your vids, and I understand you can’t change anything about your voice, but at least add some background music or some banter here and there. Other than that, I subbed and wish you good luck in F8tal!

S G says:

17 sounds like A turd

Jek says:

This is fifa 16 LOL

YGODuelMaster says:

i hope for a BIG difference from FIFA 16

Nextrixst says:

the way he’s describing sounds SAME like FIFA 16. Same crap again except the corner feature and shooting is harder (which is worse)

Paul McCue says:

I think skills should be turned down in Fifa. I personally enjoy skills but how often do you see a player in real life doing skills 24/7. Most good players don’t even use skills. Only extremely skillfull players like Neymar/Ronaldo/Ronaldinho pull of skills constantly and make them work. Very few players irl can do what they do but in Fifa basically anyone can use skills to beat a defender.

Samuel Elveljung says:

How about the ball roll Move, is it still op or have they changed it?

Suarez is a beast says:

What team do you use in FUT?

Ruben God says:

Hey, i have 2 questions: What´s your team that you use in this video and How can you start the corner with your teammate waiting the pass? Continue your excelent work, i´m better in fifa because of your! thanks

SilS_Knifer says:

Gorilla please answer this: does pace matter in this game or is it to the point to where Fifa 16 is now?

Quin Cadella says:

Wow Perez and Beñat gameplay

jonjo shelvey says:

Goalkeepers still shit??

Gozie Obioha says:

Hey @Hugegorilla nothing covered on defending,is it anything like 16,or is it more like 15?

jonjo shelvey says:

I gave you criticism a while ago . You have gotten so much better as a youtuber and your channel is growing rapidly . You deserve it . You’re the best fifa player in the world. You should have 1 million subs

kaizers 02 says:

spen, the reason that we sub to you and watch your videos is because we enjoy watching your content.Dont apologize for a long video, because we (me atleast) like your content, so dont apologize when we get more content! Great video though!

Nanonkay 300 says:

Can you play FIFA 17 the same way as FIFA 16?

Mauricio Felix says:

Gorilla, I like yout videos, but I found them a little bit boring so I recommend you put music in your vids as background, however I like your videos and I wish u luck in the F8TAL.

Stephane le stephanois says:

is not fifa 17

petterwiik says:

gorilla! did you hear or talk anything about pro clubs when u were there?

Teemu Poikela says:

doesnt the graphics look exactly same ?

Liam van Grootheest says:

he playing fifa16

Luke Turner says:

What is the driven through ball like?

smitla321 says:

I have a hard time understanding what you are saying sometimes. Alot of your words blur together. Maybe don’t do another video on no sleep. Lol.

Приехавший says:


Jason Kitching says:

I see all these so called good fifa players complain about shooting, you do realise on assisted it’s the com scoring for you……Manual is the only way to play

DenDenis 04 says:

only me i m seeing this is fifa 16 ? :)) stupid

AlvaroMuto says:

My question is, does Mertesacker outpace Ronaldo in this FIFA too?

ELLIOT1311 says:

Is there an online career mode?

Joris Mesters says:

Keep up the great work, you are amazing. Greets from Germany

Leandro A Gonzalez O says:

iS FIFA 16 IS fake!!!

vapour9000 says:

Thanks for being honest and not hyping the game up to get into EAs good books

TheNameJohnny says:

Bro! Love the great video you been doing!

Ayaz Rahmani says:

wtf this is fifa 16

Bariq Dharmawan says:

fifa 16

Adissou negus-nagast says:

fuck you !!!

Dalmar Dalm says:

Gorilla i have question for you. do you use kontrol freaks for fifa 16?

nidge18 says:

Why the fuck are they trying to dumb down the game so much? Getting rid of pace, making it so strength doesn’t matter half the time with their shitty impact mechanics, completely fucking up the passing. The reason Ultimate Team got so big was because of it’s arcade feel and fun factor. You try and do a skill run in Fifa 16 and it feels like big Dave from the local Sunday League team trying to run through water. It’s fucking shit. They need to speed the game up, not slow it down. Winning games this year hardly even felt satisfying because of the way you have to play. Let seasons and career mode be “realistic”.. just make FUT fun again.

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